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What Are John Wick’s Dog Breeds?

If you’ve seen any of the John Wick films, you may be wondering what breeds of dogs his dogs are.

They’re some pretty cute dogs but are also ferocious and helpful to the protagonist when they need to be. Any dogs so well-trained as those might cause people to wonder what types of dogs they actually are.

John Wick has a Beagle named Daisy in the first movie. The next two John Wick films introduce to us a dog which is a Pitbull named Bubba. In part 3, we see two more dogs which are Belgian Malinois and were unnamed.

John Wick is a film series that keeps its audience on the edge of their seats, and the dogs in the films play a key role in part of this entertainment.

We know you’re dying to learn more about these dogs and their breeds, so keep reading to get all the details.

What Kind of Dog is a Beagle?

Beagle dog standing against a white background

In John Wick Part One, we are introduced to John Wick’s first pup; a Beagle named Daisy. Beagles are adorable little dogs that are both loyal and hardworking, and they make great pets.

Beagles are excellent hunting dogs and are some of the most loyal breeds of dogs out there.

Because they were bred to hunt in packs, they are extremely sociable and love the company of their owners and other dogs. As you can tell from the dog in the movie, they are also happy-go-lucky and friendly, with a pleading expression that many find absolutely adorable.

Most Beagles typically stand at around 13 inches high at the shoulder, which is true of Daisy from the film.

Her appearance is also typical of her breed, with a tan or light brown coloring on her head and face, with a white and dark brown coloring on her body and legs.

Daisy’s part in the movie is a sad one. She was a gift from John’s dead wife, arriving at his home to give him comfort. However, when the bad guys decide to barge into his home to attack him, they find Daisy instead.

Much to the audience’s horror, this poor innocent Beagle gets murdered, which is the catalyst for John Wick’s crusade against said bad guys.

What Kind of a Dog is a Pitbull?

pit bull guarding the gate

The dog we see in John Wick Part 2 is a Pitbull named Bubba that John picks up from a dog shelter and takes home with him. Bubba is a dog with somber facial expressions, perfect for the film’s tone he is seen in.

Pitbull’s are a breed of dog that is generally misunderstood, seen as being more violent than they really are.

They are, in fact, kind and loyal dogs that were bred for dogfighting, which is why they get a bad rap as violent dogs.

Like dogs with a moderate energy level, they typically like to follow their owners anywhere they go and make great walking companions. These dogs are also extremely affectionate and love to play with their owners.

This makes it even more touching when John Wick encounters him. After taking out an entire Russian Mob, he crashes into an old building in his getaway vehicle and finds that it was a dog shelter until recently abandoned.

Here, he meets Bubba, who has been left alone in the shelter. There is an emotional moment when John sees himself in the dog, lost and abandoned with no one left to love him.

He decides to take the lonely Pitbull with him, and thus Bubba becomes his new dog after the untimely death of Daisy in the first film.

What Kind of a Dog is a Belgian Malinois?

belgian malinois on white background

In the third installment of John Wick, we see the titular protagonist get ahold of two new pups, even though he’s still got Bubba with him (don’t worry, nothing’s happened to Bubba between the films).

As you will see throughout the film, these new dogs are extremely protective. We’ll get into why that is in just a minute.

These two new dogs are stylish and lethal-looking, much like John himself. They are, in fact, two dogs that look a lot like German Shepherds. German Shepherds and Malinois are two separate breeds, but they share many similarities.

Belgian Malinois exhibit great loyalty to their owner and carry with them a stylish flair, perfect for a movie as flashy as John Wick Part 3.

These medium-sized dogs were originally bred to be herders of livestock, like sheep, goats, or cattle, but have since been trained and adapted to work in law enforcement and the military worldwide.

This makes them a fitting breed to help John and his allies take down the bad guys, as they are some of the most combat proficient dog breeds around.

At one point in the film, we see one of these good dogs take a shot from a rifle and go down.

Fortunately, the dog gets back up and is shown later in the movie wearing a bulletproof vest. Lucky him, and lucky us! We couldn’t bear to see another cute pup murdered by the baddies.

Final Thoughts

john wick's beagle

Who knew a man like John Wick could be such a diehard dog lover? In every John Wick film, we see him with a dog that he loves and trains, and we even see him go on a rampage to avenge one such murdered pup. ( image credits )

The dogs that debut in these films are a Beagle named Daisy (in Part One), a Pitbull named Bubba (in Part Two), and two Belgian Malinois Shepherds (in Part Three).

In one way or another, each of these dogs helps John Wick on his journey for revenge and absolution.

We hope this article has answered all your questions about John Wick’s dogs and what breeds they belong to.

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