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What Kind of Dog is Snoopy?

For all you fans of Charlie Brown out there, you probably love Snoopy too, and you’re probably also wondering what kind of dog he is. This article will explore exactly what kind of dog he is. So, what breed of dog is he then?

Snoopy is a white beagle. He is a character designed and written by Charles M. Schulz (the creator of Peanuts), and his first appearance was on October 4, 1950, two days after the Peanuts comic strip debut. 

So, what more is there to know about Snoopy from Peanuts?

We’re going to explore more of this character for you below, so keep reading to learn everything you need to know about what kind of dog Snoopy is.

About Snoopy

snoopy as a pilot

image: pixy.org

Snoopy is one of the most famous dogs in cartoons and comic strips around and is also the best friend of Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strips.

Snoopy’s nemesis is Red Baron, who constantly battles in his imaginary fighter plane. Snoopy loves to pretend he is a dogfighter in World War I as an iconic character.

This beloved beagle interacts with other Peanuts characters, including Charlie Brown’s friend Peppermint Patty. Snoopy’s origin is established as having come from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, which is essentially a puppy mill, and this is where he and his brothers were all birthed.

His origin was first mentioned in the comic strip on May 4, 1965. This also led us to be introduced to his brother Spike, who becomes a key side character later on.

On August 10, 1968, a specific Peanuts comic strip established Snoopy’s birthday. As a cute white beagle, he is the type of dog who loves attention and is happy to receive it on his birthday in the comic.

Charlie Brown’s pet beagle is an anthropomorphic beagle who exhibits characteristics of humans, but he is actually a beagle. These working dogs are great company in real life, and this remains true in the comic strip for Snoopy.

He can often be seen sitting on top of his doghouse, in which Snoopy sleeps in the television specials. In the comics, he is a fierce and loyal dog with a fur coat that is a white color.

As a matter of fact, Snoopy entertains various alter egos that he assumes when his imagination goes out of control.

One of these alter egos is known as Joe Cool, and as this ego, Snoopy dons a red shirt with the words “Joe Cool” printed on the front in black, along with a pair of cool sunglasses.

Joe Cool first appeared in the comic strip on May 27, 1971. As Joe Cool, Snoopy pretends that he is a college student and acts as if he’s actually really cool.

More About Peanuts Comics

snoopy driving a bus

To be exact, the Peanuts comic strip has been running for a long time since the year 1950.

This makes the comic strip more than 70 years old! Long beloved characters and stories have since become American cultural icons.

Peanuts have become so important as a piece of American culture that there’s even a whole museum dedicated to the comic strip in Santa Rosa.

At this museum, visitors can see exhibits dedicated to each of their favorite characters, as each of the main characters has its own exhibits to view and enjoy.

More About Beagles

beagle dog close up photo

Snoopy’s breed, with his long floppy ears, is that of a beagle.

As Charlie Brown’s dog, he is the perfect portrayal of the standard breed of a beagle.

Real-life beagles are also loyal, and the real dogs also have lovely floppy ears.

Beagles were bred originally to help hunters track and hunt small game due to their small size and their great sense of smell. Snoopy’s whole personality shows this similar behavior, and snoopy dog stock photos will further show this similarity.

Because of their endearing natures, Beagles have become one of the most popular dog breeds. Their life spans usually are 12 to 15 years, which is around 65 to 70 in dog years.

Snoopy may show physical similarities to other types of dogs as a beagle. These include the black mouth cur, scent hounds, cairn terrier, the Great Dane, Golden Retriever, or the American cocker spaniel.

He has also been mistaken for some other popular characters, including dog characters, like Scooby-Doo or Mickey Mouse. Some even thought he may have made an appearance in Harry Potter.

Snoopy in the Comics

The popularity of Snoopy continued to grow as the Peanuts comics became more popular, and the creator explored many fun character developments with this strong character.

With his sweet expression and signature bow tie, the audience just loved to see Snoopy playing various roles throughout the comics.

Some of these varied roles included hockey players, who loved to drink root beer above all other drinks. This infamous beagle loved to get into trouble and often caused issues for Charlie Brown and other characters in the comics or television series.

Snoopy represents the creator’s childhood dog, and he had a white pet dog, a beagle just like Snoopy. For this reason, he was treated with such care in his characterization throughout the comics.

You may wonder if Snoopy dies at some point in the comics, especially since he goes on wild imaginative adventures and gets into trouble regularly. Rest assured, even though his creator passed away some years ago. Snoopy never met his end in the comics.

Beyond the comics, Snoopy gained massive popularity for his role in the beloved classic Charlie Brown Christmas. Snoopy is even more well-known and popular than Charlie Brown in some countries, even though he’s technically the main character.

Snoopy’s popularity became so huge that he even had a lunar module named after him. Apollo 10 lunar module was named after Snoopy and was eventually jettisoned into orbit around the sun.

Final Thoughts

Snoopy is one of the most beloved cartoon characters to have ever entered American culture and is even known worldwide. He is sometimes better known than the Peanuts comic strip’s actual main character, Charlie Brown.

As one of the most popular dog characters ever, we can say that his breed is a white beagle. These loyal dogs have a distinct white color to their coats and floppy ears, making it clear that this is Snoopy’s breed.

We hope the information we’ve outlined in this article has answered all your questions about Snoopy and what kind of dog he is.

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