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Old English Sheepdog information

Old English Sheepdog
Other names
Size Type
Large dog breeds
Breed Group
Working dog breeds
Life span
10 to 12 Years
Bubbly, Intelligent, Adaptable, Loving, Playful, Sociable
Female: 51–56 cm Male: 56–61 cm
Female: 27.2–36.3 kg Male: 31.8–45.4 kg
Blue Merle, Grizzle, Blue, Grey
Puppy Price
$1200 – $1300 USD
Old English Sheepdog Characteristics
Good with Kids
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly


One of the oldest breeds of canines originating from Great Britain is the Old English Sheepdog. This breed of dog is known to be robust, compact, and harmonious with a muscular body that is combined with agility. Its coat is very attractive and dense with an abundance of fur. All these qualities help the Old English Sheepdog meet the exact standards of the perfect shepherd or livestock dog.
The Old English Sheepdog’s ancestors are linked directly to the lineage of Bearded Collies mixed with other various European Shepherd dogs. When farmers were raising cattle in the west rural areas of ancient England, the farmers would use alert Old English Sheepdogs to catch any cattle that was straying from the pasture. By the 19th Century, the Old English Sheepdog was widely used in more agricultural areas across Great Britain.

Body Type

The height of most male Old English Sheepdogs are 22 inches (55.8 cm) and they can grow higher than that. Female Old English Sheepdogs can grow to 21 inches (53.3 cm) or higher.
General Appearance:
The Old English Sheepdog is a strong breed with very muscular legs. Their sides are almost square, and their rich and textured coat covers a large area of their bodies. The physical structure for this breed is vigorous, sturdy, and powerfully built, permitting the Old English Sheepdog to make very expressive body movements. The natural shape and outline of the Old English Sheepdog should never be damaged by artificial pruning, or in other words, a ratty haircut.


The body length of an Old English Sheepdog should be measured in a prominent position. Its body length should not be determined while the dog is standing vertical or upright on its short legs.


These dogs are equipped with a distinctive muscular structure and an adequate bone mass.


The rich coat of the Old English Sheepdog can be profitable for the dog’s owner, but the owner should not expect to get rich off their dog’s coat. The coat of the Old English Sheepdog can make the dog appear very fat. The fur of this dog’s coat feels like a hard texture that is very fluffy, as opposed to being straight or curly. The quality of the dog’s hair can produce a superb material that is more desirable than any quantity of pure wool. An Old English Sheepdog possessing a smooth or soft coat is said to have a defected coat.
Old English Sheepdogs have a moderate coat around its ears, and basically around its whole head. The hair around its neck and legs consist of a much heavier coat. The heaviest coat of fur is around the dog’s hips and thighs. This much stronger fur around the dog’s hips and thighs are also known as the dog’s “jacket”. The contour and texture of this dog’s coat can be manually trimmed and cleaned, however the claws on its feet can not be trimmed.


Old English Sheepdogs can be of the color of any non-success stone, which pretty much means they are mainly a gray or blue color, with or without some white markings (and vice versa). The hind legs of this breed of dog may also be wearing white “socks”. White spots can also be found on the dog’s head, neck, arms, and chest. Any brown spots on the dog is considered a defect.


One of Great Britain’s most ancient shepherds, the Old English Sheepdog is also a charming family dog. Smart, gentle, easy-going, friendly, and bold make up the characteristics of this dog. Old English Sheepdogs do not like running around wildly, but they can be mischievous on occasions. This large dog makes up for its mischievous tactics by being honest, friendly, amiable, and easy to approach. These dogs are easily trained, and they are also eager to comply. The Old English Sheepdog had not only guarded many flocks made up of excellent quality, but children also deeply love this dog.


The Old English Sheepdog looks very powerful when trotting. When these dogs are relaxed, their reach and drive remain very good. Their stride length and frequency are also very wide and low to the ground. This dog is very flexible, although they run at low speeds. When these dogs walk, they exhibit a bear-like roll from the rear. The dog’s powerful hind limbs allow the dog to be a skillful and brisk walker. Their legs also happen to move in a straight line when running, although most Old English Sheepdogs prefer to pace themselves.

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