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Are Dogs Allowed in Marshalls?

A great many dog owners love to take their dogs with them when they go shopping or if they have to run some errands. However, it can be tricky to know which stores will allow your dog inside and which will not.

On top of this, many stores have dog policies that are local and not companywide, so it will be up to the management of your local store to decide. Some such stores have also changed their dog policies recently, so it can be hard to keep track of which ones are dog friendly. So, is Marshalls one of these dog-friendly stores or not?

Some Marshalls stores are pet-friendly and some are not. Marshalls has not released an official statement saying whether or not they allow dogs inside their stores companywide, so it’s up to local management of each individual Marshalls location to decide if they’ll allow dogs or not.

But beyond the yes or no of whether dogs are allowed in your local Marshalls, there are a few other things that you should know about. Read on to learn all you need to know about if your dog is allowed in Marshalls and why that is.


Dog Policy at Marshalls

As stated above, Marshalls does not have an official policy on bringing dogs into their stores. This decision is left up to the local management of each location, so some may allow dogs inside while others won’t. This decision will be entirely different based on the management, location, and other factors that are unique to your local Marshalls store.

Many locations have been known to allow dogs inside their store openly and without restriction, but those policies have quickly changed to a service animal-only policy after receiving customer complaints about rowdy or aggressive dogs inside the store. The main concern of Marshalls or stores like Marshalls in these situations is customer comfort while shopping inside their store. If the unrestricted presence of dogs is going to cause customers to feel uncomfortable or bothered while shopping, the dog policy of that location may change.

The best way to find out whether you can bring your dog inside your local Marshalls is to contact them directly. You can easily find their contact information on their Google page by searching “Marshalls.” This will list their phone number, address, and operating hours.

You will be able to easily get into contact with management who will be able to tell you exactly whether or not they allow dogs inside their store. Remember, this can vary by location, so if you hear of another Marshall’s location in a different city that allows dogs inside, don’t assume that will be the same for your own local Marshalls.

Tips for Taking Your Dog into Marshalls or a Similar Location

If you plan on taking your dog inside your local Marshalls, or any other store for that matter, we have some helpful tips for you to follow. These tips will make sure your dog isn’t bothering other shoppers or causing any other problems.

  • Just like when traveling with children, you should make sure your dog has gone to the bathroom before taking it to the store with you. If your dog hasn’t gone to the bathroom in a while, it may cause a mess inside the store, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for you and other shoppers around you. Not to mention, you’ll have to clean it up, which is never fun.
  • Make sure your dog is not hungry when you take it grocery shopping with you. A hungry dog may snap at any open food around it, such as produce in a produce section or bakery items left on display in the bakery section. Not only could this cause an unwanted mess, but it can also cost you the price of whatever food your dog took a bite of. No one wants to pay for the food they weren’t intending on buying in the first place.
  • Bring a leash and keep your dog on that leash. People want to be able to shop in peace, so it can be jarring or annoying to some shoppers to have a dog approaching them out of curiosity or for attention. Some shoppers may welcome interaction with your dog, but to stay on the safe side, assume most just want to be left alone. They’ll approach you and your dog if they’d like to pet it or interact with it in any way.
  • Give other shoppers plenty of room. This includes avoiding going down tight or narrow aisles if there are other shoppers approaching from the opposite direction. Some shoppers may get nervous or feel anxious when close to a stranger’s dog, so it’s just best to avoid getting into a situation like this if you can help it.
  • Try to bring your dog to the store during the store’s less busy hours. If you bring your dog shopping with you during a store’s busiest hours, it can be hard to keep out of other shoppers’ paths and may cause unwanted anxiety or discomfort. The fewer shoppers present, the easier it will be to follow the other tips in this list.

Final Thoughts

Even though Marshalls does not have an official dog policy stating whether or not they allow dogs inside their stores, you should still check with your local store to see if they do. Management will be able to tell you if they allow dogs inside or not.

And if they do, it’s important to remember the tips we’ve outlined above to help your dog be as unobtrusive to other shoppers as possible. Remember that most people just want to be able to do their shopping in peace and don’t want to have to worry about a stranger’s dog being noisy or bothering them. If you follow these tips, you should be able to bring your dog with you without a problem.

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