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Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs? (Dog Friendly Policy 2023)

With so many different stores implementing varied pet policies, it can be difficult to know which stores are fine to bring your dog into and which are not. Some of these policies have even been altered during covid 19, making it even more confusing for dog owners to keep up with dog policies in 2021. If you’re wondering if you can take your dog into Lowes for all your hardware, gardening, and home improvement needs, we’re going to answer that for you today.

Lowe’s does allow dogs inside their stores. This is great because dog owners love to take their dogs along with them on errands. It’s especially nice when you can take your dog inside with you, as some owners may be worried about their pet’s safety when left in the car.


Is Lowe’s Dog Friendly?

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of what stores have implemented for their various dog policies, let’s address the main question.

Lowe’s is dog friendly, and their official policy is to allow you to bring your dog inside. This also applies to service dogs if you need one. Any time I’ve gone to Lowe’s myself, I’ve seen at least one dog with its owner walking through the aisles.

It’s important to note that for Lowe’s to allow your dog inside, it needs to be on a leash and well-behaved. If your dog is overly energetic, seeking attention from other customers, barking or growling, or generally causing a ruckus, you will be asked to take your dog out to your car.

They will not allow aggressive or rambunctious animals to disturb the other customers shopping inside, as they aim to maintain a calm and comfortable environment for their customers.

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Some reasons Lowe’s allows dogs inside their stores is that their floors are made of concrete and are easy to clean should a dog cause a mess inside. Additionally, the aisles are wide enough to allow for other customers to pass you and your dog with a comfortable amount of space between you.

If you see other people’s dogs at your local Lowe’s, you should go by a few simple rules when approaching them. Watch for signs that the dog is well-behaved and not behaving aggressively if you want to approach it. Many owners will be more than happy to let you pet their dog, but you should always ask permission before you do so.

Additionally, when approaching someone else’s dog, you should not move too erratically and should try to be gentle to put the dog at ease. Even a well-behaved dog may act aggressively toward a perceived threat.

Why Do People Take Dogs into Lowe’s?

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There may be any number of reasons someone might want to bring their dogs into Lowe’s. For many, they may require the aid of a service dog to help them with the daily functions of life. For example, a blind person may use a service dog to help them navigate stores when shopping, relying on the dog’s senses to fill in the gaps of their lack of sight.

Additionally, others may rely on their dog for emotional support. It may be emotionally difficult or stressful for some to be out in public around other people, and the presence of their canine companion can often bolster them and give them comfort in these situations.

Besides these reasons, some may simply like to have their dog around while they’re shopping and may not necessarily be motivated by a need for aid or support from their pet. Lots of people are known to take their dogs with them everywhere they go, especially if they’re a smaller breed. It becomes more difficult to bring your dog around with you if it’s a large or energetic breed.

Does Lowe’s Dog Policy Vary by Location?

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While Lowe’s official policy is to let dogs into their stores, this policy may vary by location. For example, some locations in Canada and the United States do not allow dogs inside, and most often it’s up to the local management to make this decision.

There have been a few issues with bringing pets inside the store over the years, including various lawsuits where someone was injured, so it’s understandable that some locations may wish to mitigate the possibility of an incident like this from happening.

If you’re unsure whether your local Lowe’s location allows dogs inside, it is best to err on the side of caution and contact them before bringing your dog to the store. You can easily find their contact information listed on Lowe’s official website or on their Google page listed for your local location. If you ask to speak to management, they will definitely be able to tell you whether they allow dogs inside or not.

Final Thoughts

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Lowe’s has proven to be a store that is incredibly pet and dog friendly in most cases. While this can vary by location, their official policy is to let customers bring their dogs inside the store. Their friendliness toward dogs and other pets has been made evident over the years, even going so far as to hire a man who required a service dog to help him work back in 2016.

Just to be safe, you may want to contact your local store ahead of time to find out if they allow you to bring your dog inside. If you do bring your dog into the store, remember to bring a leash and make sure your dog is well behaved.

Rambunctious or aggressive dogs will not be allowed to stay inside the store, as this can disrupt or potentially cause injury to other customers. If your dog is exhibiting any of these disruptive behaviors, you will be asked to remove your dog from the store.

Hopefully, the information we’ve outlined for you above has answered any questions you may have about Lowe’s and their dog policy. Thanks for reading!

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