Brown rice is often considered an important food staple for humans and most pets alike. So, can dogs eat brown rice? 🤔 The answer is YES, but there is a little more to it that you should know. Brown rice[1] is so much better than the average processed white rice because it has many perks: […] Read more

If you’re thinking of getting a Chihuahua as a pet, you may have asked yourself, “Do Chihuahuas shed?” After all, this can be a very important question for potential dog owners for a number of reasons. So, do Chihuahuas shed? 🤔 Chihuahuas do shed and are considered moderate shedders. Like all shedding dog breeds, Chihuahuas […] Read more

Can pugs swim? 🤔 Many dogs may be natural swimmers, but pugs are not. Consider this: a dog’s ability to swim is based on several factors, most of which, in a pug, work against it. We’ll look at these disadvantages in greater detail later in the article, but weaknesses to swimming in pugs include: Position […] Read more

Is the American Staffordshire Terrier a pit bull? The lack of understanding around this breed should come as no surprise. In the United States, the American Staffordshire Terrier (affectionately shortened to Am Staff) is often referred to as the pit bull, but there are a couple of problems with that, starting with the fact that […] Read more

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Beagles are no dolphins; generally speaking, they take to water the way fish take to bicycles. Like all living things, though, no two beagles are exactly the same. So, can Beagles swim? 🤔 The short answer is YES.  Some of them are naturals.  Others . . . may need a little help.👍 Do Beagles Like […] Read more

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Look!  It’s a broom!  It’s a mop!  No—it’s a dog? For those of us used to soft and plush canine companions, the striking appearance of these mop dogs can be surprising. As with humans, some of these dreadlock hairstyles are the natural way the fur grows; for others, they must be groomed into the style. […] Read more

As pit bulls become more understood, more and more people are willing to adopt or buy a pit bull because they are friendly, sociable, good with children and loyal. They may have difficulty finding information to help them properly look after their pit bulls because of the rumors surrounding them. After the larger practical considerations […] Read more