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Can Dogs Eat Twinkies?

As a dog owner you need to know the foods you can and can’t feed your precious pup.

Have you ever wondered?

can dogs eat Twinkies? The answer is no. Twinkies are full of sugar. Sugary treats can result in obesity and diabetes that can shorten dogs’ lifespan.

Those Pleading Puppy Dog Eyes Are Hard To Resist

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Don’t fall for those sweet puppy dog eyes that are begging to have some of the food you are eating.

Often it’s not healthy for pets to eat the same food as their owners. Or it can be dangerous to their health or even fatal for the dog depending on the type of food.

You can compare a dog’s desire to eat a Twinkie to be similar to a child. They will love them, yearn for them and happily eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But they will pay the consequences of feeling terrible and getting ill.

In the long term it will damage your dog’s overall health and cause many problems including stomach  and dental issues to name a few.

Other Foods To Avoid for Your Dog

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Dogs will eat many kinds of food if it’s offered to them like cakes

But it doesn’t mean its a healthy choice and they can’t tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy food.

If it appeals to their sensitive noses and they are hungry, then they will happily eat it. That is why it’s the owners responsibility to control the dog’s diet.

Other foods you shouldn’t let your dog eat or let alone taste are ice cream, cakes, candy and chocolate.

All are full of sugar and difficult to digest. Also foods high in salt should be skipped such as chips, pizza and bread.

Those foods are also unhealthy for humans.

The following foods are healthy for people to consume, but for dogs are defiantly a bad idea.

Grapes are toxic to dogs and should never be given and could lead to kidney failure, kidney damage and even death.

Also some kinds of nuts including macadamia nuts which can have a similar effect to grapes are to be avoided.

Peanuts, almonds and cashews are fine if they are unsalted.

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Avocado, although a super food for people, contains persin which surely make your dog sick.

It’s also in the leaves of the avocado plant so if you grow them in your garden or on your farm make sure the dog can’t access them.

Onion and vegetables from the onion family should also be avoided.

Whenever you introduce a new food to your dog it’s best to give a small sample first and watch for any signs of allergy or reaction.

If any is noticed it is best to avoid that food in the future. Or wait a few weeks or months and try again if you feel it’s a food vital to their well-being.

If you are unsure of what food to feed your dog, do an online search or ask your veterinarian so you are well-educated and advised on the best food to feed your dog. Many breeds of dog will overeat if given the chance.

If your dog gets a taste for a certain food it will surely beg and snoop around trying to get some more.

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Fussy dogs will even refuse their regular food if they find something else they prefer.

So it’s best to stick to the best diet so you have a lively, healthy dog that will live a long and happy life.

Don’t give your dog Twinkies, and well maybe you should quit them too!

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