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DogBreedsFAQ.com – Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask about Dogs!

Pablo's photo in digital caricatureEver since I was young, I found myself drawn toward dogs.

I always wanted to learn everything about every breed.

For anyone who has met a lot of different dog breeds, it is clear that there are certain personality traits inherent to each one.

I enjoy meeting dogs and trying to spot the traits that make each one unique.

This is a thrill for me! Passionate about dogs, I created DogBreedsFAQ.com in order to share my knowledge and experience with others.

I have worked with dogs extensively, and I have researched them even more extensively.

(By the way, I am a graphic designer as well. Send me a message If you need my service.)

By the time I decided to start blogging about them, the decision seemed foregone to me.

Of course, I would write about dogs – I was already thinking about them every waking moment in my day!

DogBreedsFAQ.com mission is to offer my readers high-quality, reliable information that is also fun to read.

Whether you already have a beloved dog in your life or you are thinking about inviting one into your home, this resource is for you!

Pablo Pascua