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Top 10 Dogs That Look Like Pandas: [Meet the Impersonators]

In the world of canine companions, a unique category has been capturing the hearts of dog lovers worldwide – dogs that look like pandas.

The 10 dogs that look like pandas are:

  • Newfoundland Dog
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Chow Chow
  • Bichon Frise
  • Maltipoo
  • Karelian Bear Dog
  • French Bulldog
  • Norfolk Terrier
  • Pomeranian
  • Japanese Chin

With their striking black and white coats and endearing expressions, these adorable creatures bear an uncanny resemblance to the beloved bamboo-eating bears.

This fascinating trend has sparked interest among potential pet owners and stirred a sense of intrigue in the broader public.

This article delves into the captivating world of panda-like dogs, exploring various breeds that naturally share this distinctive look or are groomed to mimic it.

Understanding the Panda Dog Phenomenon

The panda dog phenomenon is a fascinating trend gaining traction in recent years.

The trend sees certain dog breeds, naturally or through grooming, resembling a panda bear’s iconic black and white markings.

Some dog breeds naturally resemble pandas due to their genetic makeup.

These breeds typically have thick, fluffy coats and distinctive color patterns that mirror those of a panda.

The Chow Chow, for instance, is a breed that has been noted for its panda-like appearance, particularly when its coat is groomed in a certain way.

On the other hand, some dogs are groomed meticulously to look like pandas. This involves carefully trimming, coloring, and styling to achieve the desired panda-like effect.

It’s important to note that this should always be done by a professional groomer using safe, pet-friendly products to ensure the health and well-being of the dog.

Whether naturally resembling a panda or groomed to look like one, these panda dogs have captured the public’s imagination, adding another layer of diversity to the wonderful world of dog breeds.

Dogs That Look Like Pandas: A Closer Look at the Breeds

In this section, we will explore various dog breeds that bear a resemblance to pandas.

Whether it’s due to their natural coat patterns or the result of expert grooming, these breeds all share a unique, panda-like appearance.

1. Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland dog standing on white background

Known for their large size and thick, water-resistant coats, they can resemble pandas, especially when their fur is black and white.

2. Tibetan Mastiff

Dog breed Tibetan Mastiff on the lawn

This large, powerful breed has a thick double coat that can be groomed to resemble a panda’s distinctive markings.

3. Chow Chow

fluffy chow chow puppy standing on white background

With their fluffy coats and unique blue-black tongues, Chow Chows are often noted for their resemblance to pandas, particularly when their fur is black and white.

4. Bichon Frise

bichon frise standing on the green lawn

While typically all white, Bichon Frises can occasionally have black and white coats. Their fluffy fur and round faces can give them a panda-like appearance.

5. Maltipoo

maltipoo breed at home

This adorable Maltese-Poodle mix can be groomed to resemble a panda, especially those with black and white coats.

6. Karelian Bear Dog

karelian bear dog standing on the lawn

Known for their bravery and hunting skills, Karelian Bear Dogs have black and white coats that can make them look like pandas.

7. French Bulldog

French bulldog standing against white background

While not typically associated with pandas, a black and white French Bulldog can bear a certain resemblance, especially when viewed from certain angles.

8. Norfolk Terrier

norfolk terrier sitting on a stone

Norfolk Terriers have a wiry coat that can be black and white. With the right grooming, they can resemble a small, terrier-sized panda.

9. Pomeranian

Pomeranian dog breed photographed on white background

Pomeranians have thick, fluffy coats that can be groomed and dyed to mimic the look of a panda.

10. Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin dog at a Dog Agility Trial

This breed is known for its distinctive black-and-white markings and can look panda-like, especially when groomed in a certain way.

Each of these breeds brings its unique charm and characteristics, adding to the diversity and appeal of the panda dog phenomenon.

Dogs That Look Like Pandas Detailed Overview and Comparison

No. Breed Physical Characteristics Temperament Health Issues Care Needs Resemblance to Pandas
1. Newfoundland Dog Large, muscular, thick double coat Gentle, sweet-natured, trainable Prone to hip dysplasia, heart conditions Regular exercise, grooming Their black and white coat and round faces make them look like pandas
2. Tibetan Mastiff Large, thick double coat, broad head Independent, protective, intelligent Prone to hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism Regular exercise, grooming Their black and white coloration and fluffy fur can resemble a panda
3. Chow Chow Medium-sized, dense double coat, blue-black tongue Independent, loyal, aloof with strangers Prone to hip dysplasia, eye problems Regular exercise, grooming Their fluffy coat, especially when black and white, can make them look like a panda
4. Bichon Frise Small, curly white coat, round face Affectionate, playful, friendly Prone to allergies, patellar luxation Regular grooming, exercise They can be groomed and dyed to look like a panda
5. Maltipoo Small, curly or wavy coat Affectionate, playful, intelligent Prone to patellar luxation, progressive retinal atrophy Regular grooming, exercise They can be groomed and dyed to look like a panda
6. Karelian Bear Dog Medium-sized, thick black and white coat Independent, loyal, brave Generally healthy, occasional hip dysplasia Regular exercise, grooming Their black and white coat can make them resemble a panda
7. French Bulldog Small, muscular, smooth coat Affectionate, playful, easygoing Prone to brachycephalic syndrome, hip dysplasia Low exercise needs, regular grooming They can be groomed and dyed to look like a panda
8. Norfolk Terrier Small, wiry coat, expressive eyes Spirited, fearless, affectionate Prone to hip dysplasia, heart problems Regular exercise, grooming They can be groomed and dyed to look like a panda
9. Pomeranian Small, fluffy double coat, fox-like face Playful, intelligent, sociable Prone to patellar luxation, tracheal collapse Regular grooming, exercise They can be groomed and dyed to look like a panda
10. Japanese Chin Small, silky coat, distinctive pushed-in face Affectionate, noble, cat-like Prone to heart murmurs, eye problems Low exercise needs, regular grooming They can be groomed and dyed to look like a panda


Please note that the resemblance to pandas is mostly due to the coloration and grooming of the dogs.

Some dogs are naturally black and white, while others are dyed and groomed to enhance their panda-like appearance.

The Controversy Surrounding Panda Dogs

panda dog on the lawn

The trend of grooming dogs to resemble pandas has sparked considerable controversy. While some find the practice cute and entertaining, others raise ethical concerns.

Critics argue that the grooming process can be stressful for the dogs and promotes a superficial appreciation of animals based on their appearance rather than their inherent worth.

One of the main concerns is the potential health implications for the dogs. The dyes used in dog grooming can cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Moreover, the frequent grooming required to maintain the panda-like appearance can be stressful for the dogs and potentially harmful to their skin and coat health.

There is also a broader ethical debate about the practice. Some argue that it promotes a culture of treating pets as fashion accessories or toys rather than as sentient beings deserving of respect and care.

This could lead to neglect or mistreatment when the novelty wears off or the maintenance becomes too demanding.

Furthermore, critics argue that the trend could encourage irresponsible breeding practices as demand for certain breeds increases.

This could lead to overpopulation and health problems associated with poor breeding practices.

Despite these concerns, the trend continues to be popular, particularly in East Asia.

Potential dog owners must know these issues and consider their pets’ welfare above aesthetic appeal.


panda close up photo

Each of the top 10 breeds that look like pandas have unique characteristics, temperament, and care needs, making them suitable for different owners and lifestyles.

Whether you’re drawn to the fluffy Chow Chow, the robust Newfoundland, or the petite Pomeranian, a panda-like dog could be the perfect addition to your family.

Remember, while the panda-like appearance of these breeds can be appealing, it’s essential to consider more than looks when choosing a dog.

Your lifestyle, living conditions, and personal preferences should all affect your decision.

So, if you’re a dog lover who is also fond of pandas, why not consider one of these breeds? You might find your perfect canine companion!

We hope you enjoyed this exploration of the top 10 dogs that look like pandas.

If you found this article helpful or interesting, please feel free to share it with other dog lovers in your life.

They might also enjoy learning about these unique and adorable breeds!

And if you have any experience with these breeds. Do you have a Chow Chow that’s the spitting image of a panda?

Or perhaps a Pomeranian with a panda-like coat? Share your stories in the comments section below.

Your insights and experiences can help others decide which breed might be right for them.

Remember, every dog deserves a loving home, and every home deserves the joy a dog can bring.

Let’s spread the word about these panda-like dogs and help every pup find their perfect match!

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1. Are Panda Chow Chows Real?

Panda Chow Chows are real. They are Chow Chow dog that has been groomed and dyed to resemble panda bear. This trend started in Asia and has gained popularity worldwide.

2. What Makes a Panda Dog?

A Panda Dog is typically a Chow Chow breed that has been groomed and dyed to look like a panda.

The process involves careful trimming and using safe, pet-friendly dyes to achieve the panda-like black-and-white appearance.

3. How Much is a Panda Dog?

The cost of a Panda Dog can vary greatly depending on factors such as the breeder, the quality of the dog, and the region.

However, due to the special grooming and care required, Panda Dogs are often more expensive than regular Chow Chows.



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