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Dog Health and Grooming Basics

Have you recently added a new puppy family member to your home? If so, you probably want to do everything possible to make sure your new companion grows up to be a strong and healthy dog that lives a long life. To give him the best chance at this kind of life, you must do things correctly right from the start.

Canine care comprises a lot more than proper dog nutrition and the required shots. Dogs are companions, and the complete line of dog and puppy products for dog care are just what you need to provide the best in care at every stage of your dog and puppy‘s life.

From exercise to first aid care, health and grooming, our dogs and puppies deserve the best we can provide for them to ensure a happy, healthy life.

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

labrador puppy with stethoscope
  • Keep your dog fit and trim with this complete selection of doggy treadmills. As your dog grows older, heart health, bone, and joint health may be harder to maintain. Dog treadmills are the answer for keeping sedentary in shape.
  • Respond to emergencies with this doggy first aid kit, complete with a doggy blanket, thermometer, antiseptic, and bandages. Be ready since accidents are never planned.
  • Give your dog his own agility gym, which will provide hours of fun, agility training, and a great workout for your dog or puppy, and ensure they are in the best shape possible. If you are a do-it-yourself, then you can construct your own pet gym that will not only give him hours of fun but you a great project that will ensure your pet’s health and agility.
  • Assure your pet the best medical care and make sure you can afford your pet’s insurance with these books on buying and choosing pet health insurance.
  • Supplement your dog’s diet with these supplements for strong joints, glossy coats, or enhance their joint health with Glucosamine for your pet. Puppies and older dogs have special dietary needs that may not all be cared for in their foods. You can enhance your pet’s diet with these specially formulated supplements to ensure a happy and healthy pet with plenty of energy and a glossy coat.
  • Treat your dog or puppy’s fur to a luxury shampoo. Care of that very sensitive doggy skin with hypoallergenic dog shampoos, or choose a shampoo that will leave your pet smelling fresh and at the same time give them a flea bath with this fine selection of dog shampoos.
  • Eliminate fleas and ticks with flea and tick medications from well-known brand names. Fleas and ticks carry diseases, which can affect your dog’s health and even spread to your home or lawn. Be proactive, protect your dog before the season begins with flea and tick medication. Select your dog’s weight, choose the type of flea, tick medication, and save the time and frustration, not to mention money of going to the vet.
  • Ensuring your puppy gets proper deworming treatment as soon as he is old enough is key to growing into a healthy adult dog. Here’s why: Worms are parasites. As such, they get their nourishment from the host they have infected. In the case of dogs and puppies, these worms often live in the intestines. The intestines are where food and the nutrients from food collect before being distributed throughout the body. If your dog or puppy has worms in its intestines, the worms will feast on these nutrients before your puppy’s body has a chance to absorb them.

Keep Your Dog Well Groomed

dog in a bath tub
  • Have a Good Looking Dog – Dog grooming is important for health and their looks – We feature an entire area dedicated to dog grooming and how to keep your best friend looking their best. You don’t necessarily have to take your pet to the groomer all the time. In fact, some useful tips may help you complete some of the grooming processes on your own.
  • Brush Your Dog’s Fur–  Many dog owners forget this important step. Make sure you’re brushing your dog’s fur regularly. It only takes a few extra minutes of your time each day. Brushing the fur is a great way to keep your dog from shedding excessively all over the house while preventing the fur from becoming matted.
  • Use a Gentle Shampoo– During the grooming process, it’s important to bathe your dog and wash its fur occasionally. Some breeds need bathing more often than others. Use a gentle shampoo made specifically for dogs. The shampoo cleans the fur, removes any dirt, and leaves your pet smelling wonderful.
  • Trim Those Nails- If you’re not trimming your dog’s nails often enough, they’re going to grow long, and it’s going to get uncomfortable for your precious pup. Keep this problem from happening in the first place by being proactive and trimming the nails at least once every other week. There are many gentle nail grinders and trimmers available for purchase to make the nail trimming process that much easier for you and your pet.

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