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Top 10 Red Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders in the USA

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time for a new pup to bring up and enjoy, and Red Golden Retrievers happened to catch your eye? Now, it’s time to find out who the reputable breeders are and move on from there.

In this article, we will give you the list of the most reputable Red Golden Retriever breeders within the United States. There are also some answers to questions about these adorable and intelligent pups toward the latter half of the article.

10. PuppySpot

puppyspot.com logo


PuppySpot is based out of Hollywood, Florida. This company is an interesting choice on this list for several reasons.

First, they are a company that uses a stable of breeders to connect customers to most breeds out there. They boast of having done their research and built relationships with these breeders to confirm whether or not they are reputable.

Second, they deal with everything from the breeder to shipping, leaving you to make your choice, make the payment, and wait for your new puppy to arrive.

People experienced in dealing with such entities would likely have little to no issues working with PuppySpot to get their hands on a Red Golden Retriever pup. However, I wouldn’t advise any first-time buyers to use this company, and I’ll tell you why.

Though the intentions of PuppySpot are seemingly pure, aimed toward customer satisfaction, they can be lied to and manipulated by their affiliated breeders. For this reason, it may be best for first-time “over the internet” puppy buyers to work directly with a breeder, such as those who populate the rest of this list.

9. Katian Kennel

katiankennel.com logo


Katian Kennel is a family-owned business that is located in central Texas. Not only is this a breeder of Golden Retrievers (including Red Goldens), but they also train pups for hunting, obedience, and specialized competition training.

It isn’t uncommon for people who purchase pups from Katian Kennel to, later on, turn around and send them back for whichever area of training they desire. All proper documentation and vet checks are delivered to their customers before the shipment of their new pup.

The property owned by Katian Kennel is about 30 acres, primarily established to allow the dogs to enjoy themselves and get exercise and plenty of elbow room as they grow and become more rambunctious.

8. Bounderhill Goldens

Bounderhill Goldens logo


Bounderhill Goldens is located in upstate New York. They breed Golden Retrievers and also offer training services for hunting.

All puppies purchased from this breeder will come with all of the necessary paperwork, as well as vet paperwork ensuring its first set of shots and a clean bill of health. A copy of the customer / Bounderhill contract is available to view at their website if you wish to check out how seriously they take care of their puppies as well as the integrity of their business.

This is a popular breeder with several positives but one negative…

All positives are self-evident and don’t need to be listed out. But the one negative is- getting on a waiting list and having to wait it out! At the time of this article’s creation, their waitlist is full, and they are not taking in any orders at this time!

Despite that, it’ll be just a matter of time before that is past, and they open up for new orders, so why not give them a visit to see what they’ve got going on?

7. Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies logo


Greenfield Puppies is similar to PuppySpot, but only on the surface. Where PuppySpot behaves as the middleman between buyers and breeders, Greenfield Puppies introduces a customer to a breeder after selecting a pup found on their site.

Their website is a friendly puppy search engine of sorts, where you can type in the breed you’d like, and all of the available pups of that choice will list up for viewing.

There is a set of conditions and criteria that have to be met by the breeders to weed out any puppy mills or breeders with bad or unhealthy practices. Breeders must agree to provide a 30-day health guarantee.

Within that time, if any health issues are found with the puppy, the puppy can be returned for full reimbursement, exchanged for another one of equal value, or the customer will be reimbursed for any vet bills that accrue should the customer opt to keep the pup.

These conditions help ensure customers get what they pay for and hold the breeder’s feet to the fire. These, along with many other terms and conditions, are all laid out on this company’s website should you wish to check them out.

6. Ridley’s Red Retrievers

Ridley’s Red Retrievers logo


Ridley’s Red Retrievers is located in Pennsylvania. They specialize in breeding Golden retrievers, Goldendoodles, and Goldador Retriever puppies.

As some breeders combine breeding with training, as we see in this list, Ridley’s is unique in that they cater toward breeding pups that will adjust well to other job types, such as a service or therapy dog. You can get the details by visiting their website, along with additional information such as contracts, standards, etc.…

As a side note, it may be best to simply give this breeder a call if you want info about them, their services, and their available pups. They suggest it themselves on their contact page.

5. Northwest Goldens

Northwest Goldens logo


Northwest Goldens (otherwise known as Wood Duck Retrievers) is located in Washington State and Oregon. The owner, Judy Slayton Bachofner, holds a seat as president of Oregon’s Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club.

Northwest Goldens will work with potential owners upfront to weed out the specific needs and requirements, such as physical traits, temperaments, potential talents, and such.

You can learn all about Judy (the owner) and how they manage their pups, as well as check on their availability on their website. Again, this breeder suggests that a phone call be made for a better experience.

4. My Golden Retriever Puppies

My Golden Retriever Puppies


My Golden Retriever Puppies is a network of several breeders but is based out of Ohio. This business began as a partnership between two families who were also reputable breeders and expanded over time, partnering up with other hand-selected breeders of Golden and Red Golden Retrievers.

They have a list of available puppies on their site that is constantly updated to avoid people getting their hearts set on a pup that might no longer be available. This is a reoccurring issue with other, similar sites that this company does well in avoiding.

3. Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster Puppies logo


This is another puppy pairing service site that introduces customers to available pups out there- of any breed, and it’s a puppy classified’s site.

There are mixed reviews about this site, so buyers beware. However, if you find a Red Golden that catches your fancy, it would be best only to initiate if you are welcome to come and see the pup with your own eyes.

Take that advice and apply it to any online purchase of a living thing- cat, dog, etc. Doing so will prevent you from being bamboozled and let down. Any reputable breeder will take no issues to make appointments for visits with their pups.

2. SwanSun Golden Retrievers

SwanSun Golden Retrievers logo


SwanSun Golden Retrievers is located in Washington State and is owned by Christy Swanson. She has been breeding and raising award-winning Goldens since 1988 and has several show-winning studs available to see on her website.

For better-detailed information about what pups are available and perhaps a good look at their parents, head on over to Christy’s website and view the accolades of each sire, and to view which mothers have available litters.

1. Lish Kennels

Lish Kennels logo


Lish Kennels is a family-owned business located in Idaho. This breeder specializes in ensuring that the pups going out to their customers are well socialized and family-centered.

They concentrate on ensuring their dogs are trusted family companions and focus on their hunting ability, working on their strengths as hunting dogs. Being a family-run business, the pups are always given attention by the breeders and their children, getting the pups used to humans of all ages.

Further details about Lish Kennels and all that is going on with their pups, family, and hunting dogs can be checked out on their website.

Related Questions

What is a red golden retriever?

The Red Golden Retriever results from genetics within the Golden Retriever breed rather than being a separate breed. The outcome of the color variations in the Golden Retriever hinges directly on the parents’ genetics.

A reputable breeder will be aware of this and will also be aware of the genetics involved with their breeding dogs.

Because of this, breeders can attempt with greater odds of success for darker, red coats rather than the standard “golden” color that is typical to the breed. At times, you may wind up with puppies that vary from a light red hue blent nicely into its golden fur to a darker red coat.

Overall, the coat is the largest difference between the Red Golden and the standard Golden Retriever, both color and length. Red’s coat is a little shorter throughout the body than its Golden counterpart.

Reds indeed tend to be a bit sleeker in appearance and are just a touch more agile than Goldens as a result. More often than not, Reds require a bit more exercise than the already energetic Golden Retriever.

You can read and compare this breed in my article about black golden retrievers.

How much is a red golden retriever puppy?

On average, a regular Golden Retriever will cost somewhere around $1,000- with prices swaying one way or the other depending on the breeder. However, due to the rarity of the Red Golden, you can expect a significant price hike from anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000.

What are dark red golden retriever puppies called?

Officially, the darker Red Golden Retriever is referred to as a Mahogany.

Are Red Goldens smarter?

The Red Golden can be slightly more intelligent than the Yellow Golden Retriever but are reported to wind up a tad less sociable when this is the case.

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