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What Kind of Dog is Goofy?

Goofy, the popular cartoon character created by Walt Disney and the Disney company, is a lanky, tall humanoid dog whose typical outfit is a turtleneck sweater with a vest and patched-up pants and shoes. He also wears white gloves and a blue hat, which some have said looks like a rumpled fedora.

However, even though it’s obvious that Goofy is a dog, it’s hard to say exactly what kind of dog he actually is. In fact, this question has even stumped many trained veterinarians, who have had to take a closer look to find an answer.

Goofy is a Hound mix. While not known with exactness, his breed has been narrowed down to likely being a Black and Tan Coonhound, Bloodhound, or some mix between them.

He also has human characteristics, which makes it harder to make a clear decision. Vets had to analyze various physical traits of this character to come to a decisive conclusion.

But was it really that hard to decide on Goofy’s breed? Well, it looks like it was! We’re going to examine this decision process more closely below, as well as who Goofy is as a character and what is special about the breed of dog he belongs to. Keep reading to get all this information and more!

Goofy’s Anatomy

A few key factors and anatomical features led vets and other experts to the decision that Goofy is, in fact, a Hound mix. Let’s go through each of them to get an idea of how this was decided.


goofy face

Because Goofy is a good-sized dog, we can assume that his breed is also of a large size. This also fits well with the Black and Tan Coonhound and the Bloodhound, fairly large breeds of dogs.

Considering each of his anatomical features, we can see that Goofy is most probably some Hound. Though it’s not terribly clear which kind of Hound he is, it looks like the Black and Tan Coonhound and the Bloodhound are the best fits for him.

Long Ears

goofy's face with encircled ear

One of Goofy’s most defining characteristics is his long, floppy ears. They are low set on his head and drawn forward, sometimes falling over his nose. This feature is closest to the Black and Tan Coonhound, which has long floppy ears like Goofy. This same type of ear is also seen on the Basset Hound.


goofy's face with encircled eyes

Many vets have said that Goofy’s eyes are not a determining factor in his breed, as they seem to be just a part of his character. They are drawn extremely close together and are beady, probably giving Goofy his signature “goofy” look.


goofy's face with encircled muzzle

Similar to Goofy’s eyes, his muzzle doesn’t seem to point toward one breed or another. His low jaw is notably shorter than the upper jaw, which in a real dog would cause many problems when eating and going about their daily lives. It’s safe to assume this was also a design choice to make the character appear goofier.

Pattern and Color of Fur

Goofy’s fur coloring and patterns are a perfect fit for many Hound breeds but are particularly close to the Black and Tan Coonhound coloring. With black ears, black fur around the eyes, a black nose, and a tan muzzle, he looks closest to the coloring of this type of Hound.

Goofy’s Behavior

goofy gestures

Goofy, as his name says, is usually very goofy, silly, and clumsy. He doesn’t appear to be very alert or intelligent most of the time. Some vets have said this does not fit Hound breeds because Hounds are usually quite alert and clever. However, it’s been determined that his behavior probably isn’t an indicator of the breed. It’s more a part of who he is as a character than who he is as a dog.

Goofy in the Cartoon

goofy and friends

Goofy first debuted in the Mickey Mouse cartoon in 1932, and he was first called “Dippy Dawg,” not Goofy. Later that same year, Dippy Dawg was reimagined as a younger, sillier version of himself and named Goofy. He was seen extensively in the comedy trio made of himself, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck throughout the next decade.

Towards the end of that same decade, Goofy starred in his very own series of shorts, becoming extremely popular in the 1940s and 1950s. However, in most other series and comics, Goofy is seen as Mickey’s sidekick. He is rarely shown as the main character apart from his main series from the 1940s, except his own movie entitled “A Very Goofy Movie.”

Goofy has several catchphrases that have become well known to all who are familiar with the Mickey Mouse series, including “gawrsh” (his unique way of saying “gosh”), “Ah-hyuck!” (his distinctive laugh), and “hoo hoo hoo!” (another laugh).

Goofy’s original voice actor was Pinto Colvig, who later said that the character was based on a “grinny, half-baked village nitwit” from Jacksonville, Oregon, Pinto’s hometown. He adapted this person’s speech mannerisms to sound goofy and silly for the character Goofy. Furthermore, Colvig went on to say that Goofy was basically a representation of a good-natured, halfwit hick. Not very intelligent, but meaning well.

Goofy would eventually get his own show, movies, comic strip, and a greater focus, despite Goofy’s tendency to be more of a sidekick as he started his debut on the big screen. As he made his way into the Mickey, Donald, and Goofy trio, he steadily saw an increase in fandom. This increased to the point that the trio became a duo, only featuring Donald and Goofy.

Mickey’s laidback, easygoing nature made it hard for the animators to come up with new entertaining story arcs, especially when compared with the comparative ease of coming up with material for Donald and Goofy. Donald was easily frustrated, and Goofy was completely oblivious, which made for an entertaining duo. Mickey was no longer needed, and thus the trio became a duo.

About Hounds

bloodhound cartoon

Hound dogs have been a beloved breed of dog for centuries, and since they’ve been around for so long, there’s a lot to know about them!

Hound dogs were originally bred to help humans hunt, and they were good at it. With an extremely powerful sense of smell and an ability to work together efficiently in a pack and with their owners, they made it much easier to hunt down elusive prey like deer or wild boars. But among the hounds, there are varied kinds that have different strengths.

Scent hounds are hounds that can follow a scent very well, as the name suggests. They can even follow a scent trail over long distances, making them useful for tracking down prey that has escaped or maybe finding a person who is lost or who has run away.

They’ve also got a lot of stamina, making them good for long walks or runs. And it makes sense they’d have high stamina since they’re built to track things down over long distances!

Changing direction a bit, sighthounds are hounds with a keen eye. They can spot prey from a long way away and then charge after it with a high-speed sprint. These hounds have a lot of energy as a result and will need to regularly get their energy out by running around and chasing things.

Hounds were originally bred by noble families, mostly in Europe, to help with hunting. As the firearm came into play, hounds were used less and less until they became mostly companion canines instead of hunting dogs. In modern days, they still make for great daily companions and can even be good dogs to take hunting if you do that!

Final Thoughts

thinking goofy

Goofy is a well-known and beloved cartoon character featured in many Disney shows, movies, and comic strips! Based on his coloring, he is designed after a Hound dog, most likely a Black and Tan Coonhound. The other option could be Bloodhound, but the former breed is more likely.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your burning questions about Goofy and what breed of dog he is!

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