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What Is a Platinum Pug?

There are tons of different pugs, all with unique traits and characteristics. This aspect includes fur color, size, temperament, and health. One of these variations of the typical pug is called the Platinum Pug. So, what is it?

A platinum pug is a type of pug with black or white markings on its face or ears and gray or white color over the rest of its body. This coat happens when one of the parents is a white pug or carries the recessive white coat gene.

So, what exactly makes platinum pugs so unique? How do they differ from all the other types of a pug?

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the platinum pug and examine its various traits.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about platinum pugs.

Common Pug Colors

3 pugs on white and yellow background

Pugs come in various colors, some lighter and others are darker. The color of a pug’s fur is one of its defining characteristics, and specific fur colors are sought after much more than others.

This creates increased demand for certain pugs over others, and their prices will reflect this demand. So, what are each of the pug’s standard colors?

AKC Standard

The AKC Standard breed of pug has a few defining characteristics common to this breed. Specifically, the color of these pugs’ fur is one of these. AKC Standard breed pugs have fawn or black-colored fur. You’ll notice a contrast between the trace and mask with the fawn coloring.


The FCI Standard breed of pug originates from China, like most pug breeds. Most ideal pugs are bred to be squarish and cobby, not lean at all. FCI breed pugs can come in various colors, including silver, apricot, fawn, or black. They are distinguished from other breeds by the possibility of getting silver or apricot fur coloring.

UK Kennel Club

The UK Kennel Club pug breed originates in England instead of the pug’s native China. Pugs gained the attention of the English aristocracy in the 16th century when William of Orange took the throne.

With his unique pug breed, the dog became extremely popular in Europe. Their coloring includes fawn with a black mask, apricot with a black mask, silver with a black mask, or pure black.

Canadian Kennel Club

This pug breed reached its height of popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria, who kept several of these tiny dogs as her pets.

Many replicas of the breed have survived over the centuries, demonstrating their popularity with the aristocracy. As for their coloring, they may be solid black, silver fawn, or apricot fawn. No matter their color, they will have black masks and ears.

Platinum Pug Price

2 platinum pug puppies

As with all dogs bred with care, platinum pugs are usually pricey.

To secure a platinum pug with pure fur coloring, you’ll need to be prepared to shell out anywhere from $1000 to $3000. You may be able to find some cheaper depending on where you look, but this is the general price you could expect to be charged for a platinum pug.

They’re expensive because they have a distinct heritage and careful breeding, allowing them to have the finest coloring and texture of fur.

Other physical features will also be decidedly “puggish,” being solidly built, squarish, and cobby. This kind of breeding will also help reduce the risk of health issues that plague pugs later in their lives.

In short, if you’re willing to pay a high price for a platinum pug, you won’t be sorry. The money will be well worth the high quality of the breed that you’ll receive.

And if you do happen to find a platinum pug for much cheaper than $1000 to $3000, you might want to check the breeder’s validity. Some underhanded breeders try to pass their pugs off as platinum when they’re not.

Are Platinum Pugs Rare?

2 platinum pugs on the blanket

Platinum pugs are rarer than typical breeds of a pug, yes. The breeding that produces a platinum pug causes them to be less common than other less refined breeds.

However, platinum pugs are not as rare as some other types of pugs. For example, white or albino pugs are much rarer, and their price reflects that rarity. These types of pugs are usually even more expensive than platinum pugs.

Final Thoughts

platinum pug being carried by owner

For dog fans, it may be no surprise that there are tons of variations of each breed of dog, and pugs are no exception to this rule.

Platinum pugs are a rare pug breed with specific fur colors. The quality of the color of their coat is typically higher than other breeds of pug. There will be fewer spotty patches, and the color will be more solid throughout.

Pugs can generally come in various colors, including fawn, silver, black, or apricot. Their masks are usually black or fawn. As for the rest of their physical appearance, they are bred to appear very “puggish,” and you won’t find any lankiness or leanness in them. With a square and stout body, you’ll recognize them right away as solidly bred pugs.

We hope the information we’ve outlined in this article has answered all your questions about platinum pugs. Check out some of our other articles for more interesting dog facts now!

*Image credits: Panini pugs Facebook Page

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