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25 Dog Commands in Polish ( With Audio )

If you’re looking for dog commands that you can say in Polish, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will explore a few common dog commands in Polish and how to say them. Keep reading now to learn everything you need to know about dog commands in Polish.

Polish Dog Commands with Pronunciation

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Below is our list of commonly used dog commands in Polish with audio/pronunciation, each of which is used in everyday interactions with dogs or “pies” in the Polish language. You can be sure that each of these will be very useful when visiting or living in Poland.

1. “Sit” – Siad

2. “Stay” – Zostań

3. “Down” – Leżeć

4. “Come” – Chodź

5. “Heel!” – Do nogi!

6. “Lie down”/”Down” – Waruj

7. “Fetch!” – Aport!

8. “Stay” – Zostań

9. “Do mnie!” − Come! / Here!

10. “Shake”/paw” – Łapa/Daj łapę

11. “Leave it” – Zostaw

12. “Crawl” – Czołgaj się

13. “Jump” – Skacz

14. “Rollover” – Turlaj się

15. “Bark!” – Daj głos

16.”Search”/”seek” – Szukaj

17. “Track” – Wąchaj

18. “Good dog!” – Dobry pies

19. “Bad dog” – Zły pies

20. “Guard” – Pilnuj

21. “Go inside” – Do środka

22. “Go out!”- Wychodzić!

23. “Don’t move!”/”Stand still!” – Nie ruszaj się!

24. “Bite!” – Bierz go

25. “Track!” –Wąchaj!


The words or phrases above are some of the most commonly used dog commands worldwide and are also popular in Poland.

If you ever cross paths with a dog in Poland, any of these commands will be helpful to you in communicating with the dog.

It could even help reduce the risk of being attacked by an aggressive dog if you use the correct command in the right situation.

You may wonder why you should worry about learning dog commands in Polish if you’re planning to visit Poland. The main reason is that dogs trained in a certain language will only respond to words in that language.

So, English dog commands won’t affect a dog bred and raised in Poland. Most of these dogs will only understand dog commands in Polish.

10 Additional Polish Dog Phrases to Know:

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1. Leash – Smycz

2. To unleash a dog – Spuścić psa ze smyczy

3. Collar – Obroża

4. To put a collar on – Założyć obrożę

5. Muzzle – Kaganiec

6. To muzzle a dog – Nałożyć psu kaganiec

7. Obstacle course – Tor przeszkód

8.Vigilance – Czujność

9. Scent – Zapach

10. Obedience – Posłuszeństwo


While these 10 phrases and words like these may be used less commonly as dog commands, they may still be useful to know in certain specific situations.

For example, some dogs may be trained as watchdogs and respond to the “Vigilance” command, telling them to keep watch and remain alert.

Other dogs may respond to commands like “Scent” by sniffing an object to pick up the trail of an animal or a person on the run. Many such commands can be useful for more specially trained dogs, such as police or tracking dogs.

History of Dog Commands in Poland

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Dogs have been man’s best friend for much of human history, the first domesticated dogs being kept as pets dating back thousands of years.

In this amount of time, there are sure to be a lot of different words in various languages that have been used to command dogs.

This is true for dogs in Poland as well, as dogs are found as human companions in every country in the world.

Many of the Polish phrases listed in the article have been in use for hundreds of years, with some possibly dating back farther than that.

These phrases and words are common commands that people may use to communicate with their dogs if they speak Polish.

Final Thoughts

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Have you ever wondered how to command a dog in other languages?

You never know when you might need to communicate with a dog while traveling abroad, so maybe you’d like to learn how to say things like “Sit,” Roll Over,” or “Leave It” in a foreign language.

Knowing how to give the right command to a dog in the right language can save you a lot of trouble and even potentially help keep you or someone else out of harm’s way.

By knowing some of these helpful dog commands in Polish, you’ll be able to effectively communicate with dogs whenever you’re visiting Poland or a place that speaks Polish primarily.

Dogs will only respond to commands in the language they’ve learned, so dog commands in English would be useless for most dogs that know Polish commands.

By learning these commands/phrases, you’ll be able to communicate with dogs in Polish to get them to cooperate with whatever you need. This is, of course, only if they’re well-trained, though!

We hope the information we’ve outlined in this article about dog commands in Polish has helped to answer all of your questions.

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