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Can Dogs Eat Crackers?

By doing just a little bit of searching around, it’s not long before you find that most foods that are made for people aren’t good for dogs.

Can dogs eat crackers? They seem benign enough, and for the most part, there really isn’t much to them.

Dogs can eat crackers if given occasionally. Not necessarily a healthy option, but not dangerous. Too many can cause an upset stomach. It’s best to avoid getting your pet into the habit of eating people’s food- particularly highly processed kinds of foods.

Can Dogs Eat Crackers with Salt?

4 crackers and a bottle of salt on white background

If only a few crackers at a time are okay for your dog to eat, fewer salted crackers would still be okay- one or two. Dogs won’t be benefitting from these as it is, and the salt content won’t be good for your dog.

If you wind up giving your dog one or two, it will be fine.

Any more than that and you’ll be risking too much sodium flowing through your dog’s system. When a K9’s sodium level gets too high, it can wind up with sodium-ion poisoning.

Sodium-ion poisoning can cause high temperatures, vomiting, tremors, diarrhea, and, at worst, seizures or death.

Is it worth the risk? No.

Keep any salted foods away from the dog. It doesn’t need it, and your pet would be better off not eating it.

Can Dogs Eat Crackers with Sesame Seeds?

crackers with sesame seeds on white background

Sesame seeds, in general, are fine for dogs that are not overweight. These seeds are heavy in calories, and if you’re trying to trim down your dog, these won’t help.

There aren’t enough on a few crackers to make any real impact but could reverse a little progress if you’re counting the calories on your dog’s behalf.

If that is what you’re doing, it would be better to give the dog something that would be more filling with fewer calories.

Again, a few crackers won’t balloon your dog, but since they’re safe rather than “healthy,” why tease the dog with a good thing it shouldn’t have and can’t fill up on?

If your dog maintains a healthy weight, sesame seeds or sesame seed oil contains a good deal of beneficial elements that your dog could utilize. It’s rich in fatty acids and nutrients.

Like anything, moderation is key and thought would need to go into what you’re putting the oil or seeds on, as to whether or not it’ll continue to be safe for the dog to eat.

Can Dogs Eat Crackers for an Upset Stomach?

dog with eyeglasses reading newspaper while sitting on a toilet bowl

Above, we established that too many crackers can cause an upset stomach, and should be avoided. There is nothing out there saying that a couple of crackers will do for a dog what they’ll do for us.

Many people who feel queasy or have an otherwise upset stomach might use a couple of crackers as a quick remedy.

Doing this supposedly sucks up acids in the stomach, with us feeling better as a result. Anybody can testify that this only works sometimes, and not every time.

With a dog, you might actually be making it feel worse by offering up a couple of crackers if it’s already showing signs of feeling ill.

What Can I Give a Dog with an Upset Stomach?

man thinking about eggs and bananas

Rather than gambling with crackers, you can try any of the following:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Canned Pumpkin
  • Shredded Chicken
  • Rice– Especially with chicken
  • Bone Broth
  • Unsweetened Yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Bananas
  • Eggs

Any of the above (or a combination thereof) is going to help out your dog much more than crackers.

Can Dogs Eat Crackers and Cheese?

crackers and cheese on white background

Yes, dogs can eat cheese and crackers. The addition of cheese pushes us back to the topic of watching the weight of heavy dogs.

Cheese can be fatty unless it’s a low-fat type of cheese. Cottage and mozzarella fall under that category. These would be the best two for the dog, particularly a dog with weight problems.

When it comes to cheese and crackers, it would be a rare thing to be topping crackers with either of those cheeses by themselves.

This is where you’d need to be careful. Many kinds of cheese that are meant to be eaten with crackers contain spices that might be toxic to dogs. So educate yourself on what’s in the cheese before ever sharing any with your dog.

Because dogs can’t process sodium as fast or in the same manner that we do, it would be ideal to find low fat, low sodium type of cheese.

You’ll also have to think about whether or not your dog is lactose intolerant. Cheese can pose to be a problem in that area.

If you’re buying food with hopes fo safely sharing with your dog, I think you’ll find that what we wind up with is less exciting to our tastebuds overall.

Can Dogs Eat Crackers with Pepper?

different crackers and peppers on white background

Black Pepper is safe for your dog in small amounts as well in a general sense. And any cracker that has the added ingredient of black pepper will not be any more dangerous, nor does it become toxic.

Beware Flavored Crackers when Sharing with Your Dog!

man feeding his dog with a bowl of crackers and alert sign on the background

We have covered a host of different food types on this site, relating to whether or not they’ll be safe for a dog to consume.

The most dangerous products for your dog to wind up eating are non-whole foods, bought at the grocery store.

Sure, there are whole foods that are toxic to dogs, such as garlic and onions. You could say to yourself, “Okay, I’ll not give my dog either of those.”

However, you might be surprised at how often garlic, onions, and other dog-toxic ingredients are used in otherwise harmless food products.

Flavored crackers are among the items that you’d not want to feed your dog ever. Some are powdered with artificial flavors, and other spices that are simply not worth the risk as it relates to your dog’s health.

So, in short, keep flavored crackers away from y0ur dog.


Boston terrier eating crackers in a blue-bottom bowl on white background

For many of us, pets are a loved part of the family- some may say that they’re like kids.

Fortunately for us, everything that is toxic to our children is clearly labeled and drilled into our heads all of our lives.

For example, you know better than to give your child a bowl of cheerios soaked in hornet spray, or a chocolate laundry detergent shake. These things are clear to us and go without saying.

But when it comes to our pets, things aren’t nearly clear enough, and through ignorance, many dogs wind up ill- even passed away.

No, crackers might not harm your dog, but there might be some added ingredients that you might not be aware of, that could be causing unwanted damage.

If ever there are any doubts about what something is made of, or if there is no way to know exactly what anything is made of, let alone crackers, don’t give it to your dog.

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