Pit bull Weight Training Equipment

In order to properly train your dog, certain pit bull weight training equipment is a must.

Like any undertaking, if you have the correct tools, the job is easier and help you work more efficiently.

Most of us don’t need more than a few basic items.

These are items that you will use over and over again whether you have one dog or a full kennel.

The point is that you can train your dog with a few simple items and add something to your collection as the need arises.

But if you decide to try specialty training, like retrieving, there are advanced items that you will use.


To do “basic training” or “doggie boot camp” 3 items are required.

  1. A good quality leather training leash ( 6 foot in length )
  2. a training collar, and
  3. a long line ( 50 feet of clothesline will do).

Any of these items can be purchased at your local pet supply, farm supply store or one of the large retailers.

Make sure that you buy quality equipment – you don’t want your leash snapping in half if your dog decides to lunge unexpectedly.

Considering how long you will be using this gear, spending the money for quality makes good sense.

Depending on who you might talk to about collars, you will find that there are 3 main materials for training collars; nylon, leather, and metal.

And of course, there are subcategories that are beyond the scope of this tutorial. We will discuss those types of items in the near future.

For durability, it is suggested that you obtain a metal slip-chain type of collar. This is simply a length of smooth chain with strong loops on either end.

By passing the collar material through one of the loops, you form the opening to put the collar on your dogs head.

Nylon and leather are great for other applications in training and they will be discussed in the proper section.

The same idea goes for the leash. In this case, leather would be the material of choice. When shopping for a leash, be especially aware of how the collar clip is attached to the leash.

You want to be confident that it won’t come apart at an inopportune moment. Try to find one that is held together with a few small “rivets”. This type will last a very long time.

For the long line, you have a little more leeway.

Your dog will have some training under his or her collar before you start to use the long line and it generally is there to remind the dog that they are still on leash.

Nylon clothesline seems to be the material of choice since most people have at least a few lengths of clothesline around the house.

The exact length is not important, but somewhere between 30 and 50 feet is dandy.

You may find that you want several long lines of differing lengths as you learn more about training your dog.

Now you have a brief summary of what type of Dog Training Supplies you need to start training your dog.

It’s not that much to buy and the rewards will be priceless

Weight training, if done well, is an excellent outlet for the competitive spirit of pit bull terriers and their owners.

In the winner’s circle, the pit bull’s will to win and the desire to please has catapulted the breed over traditional northern breeds bred for sled pulling.

Pit bulls are known to be aggressive yet intelligent dogs.

At the same time, their bodies can undergo physical training like an athlete; hence, pit bull owners must use pit bull weight training equipment.

It is advised that weight training for a pit bull should start at 18-24 months of age.

Starting at this age gives your dog time to fully grow so that they won’t injure their joints, muscles or ligaments.weights being carried by a pit bull in his mouth


Weight training As A Sport

Several organizations hold weight pulls open to pit bulls. But only the International Weight Pull Association (IWPA) and American Pull Alliance (APA) allow ALL pit bulls including rescue dogs, mixed breeds and other animals without registration papers to compete.

The UKC, the CKC, NCC, AAPA and the ABDA (American Dog Breeders Association) all offer weight pull, but the dog must be registered with their organization.

Weight pull is a sport for those who want to do something with their dog that doesn’t involve tiny leashes or points for color and who love to work with their dogs to achieve some goal.

Your pit bull can earn three titles – The Working Dog (WD) for pulling 12 times its weight at four different, The Working Dog Excellent (WDX) for pulling 18 times their body weight at four different pulls and The Working Dog Superior (WDS) for the majestic ones who manage to pull 23 times their own weight!

This sport makes pit bull weight training all the way more fun.

It also uses weight pull harness as the pit bull weight training equipment. There is a wide range of pit bull weight training equipment available online.

Some harnesses and vests are suited for moderate weight training while some are for heavy-duty pit bull training.

Depending upon your dog size and strength, you may go for the appropriate pit bull weight training equipment for your dog.

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