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5 Dogs that Look Like Eevee

Sometimes it isn’t easy to pin down what kind of animal a cartoon character is, but with the many varieties of canine that are out there, it’s easy to find some lookalikes. What breed of dog best resembles Pokémon’s Eevee?

The breeds closest to looking like Eevee are the Pomeranian, Tibetan Spaniel, Papillon, Long-haired Chihuahua, and the German Spitz. Each of these breeds shares similarities to Eevee in their ways, though none will be identical due to the lack of details in the character’s artwork.

Lack of details meaning, you won’t find any dog with zero facial features aside from a set of eyes. So, when contemplating dog breeds that resemble this character, other traits aside from the face will have to be considered. Here are the dogs that look like Eevee.

1. The Pomeranian

Pomeranian dog breed photographed on white background

The Pomeranian has several features that qualify it as a good match for an Eevee-looking breed. Its size and coat can match up easily, especially when the Pom is frizzed out to the max, removing some of its facial (or skeletal) features about the snout.

Also, when the right color combination is selected, the Pomeranian’s fur about the neck can have that mane-like appearance that Eevee has.

Another feature that helps is the pointed ears of the Pom, which, though they are not as large and pronounced as Eevee’s, similarly stand at attention.

On the other hand, the tail isn’t a match at all. Eevee’s tail appears to be more like a fox, whereas the Pomeranian tail curls up its back in a poof, often blending in with the rest of its body.

Eevee’s fur is not shown to be as long as the Pomeranian. The only benefit the long hair has with the Pom is to give it the appearance of having less of a snout and perhaps a wider head.

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2. Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel photographed against a white background

The Tibetan Spaniel is another little dog from China that can closely resemble Eevee. This companion breed has a round, apple-shaped head that does resemble the shape of Eevee’s head.

The Tibetan Spaniel can come in various colors, but a few color combinations will provide that lighter-colored neck fur framed around Eevee’s neck. Couple these things with its petite size, and the Tibetan Spaniel is a great candidate for an Eevee lookalike.

However, some things aren’t a match like all breeds in this list. With this breed, the most stand-out feature would be the ears, and the ears of the Tibetan Spaniel are folded, not raised.

And again, the tail isn’t a good match either. Though the Tibetan’s tail is more pronounced than the Pomeranian’s, it’s still nowhere near “foxlike” in appearance.

3. Papillon

Papillon dog photo taken on white background

The ears are the first thing you’d probably notice about the Papillon, as they resemble Eevee’s ears. They’re oversized in relation to their little head and frame, exaggerated further with the fur that drapes over them.

Yes, they do sit on the sides a bit lower than Eevee’s and are more rounded at the tips, but they’re close!

Papillons are small dogs with short muzzles, which helps them to appear more like Eevee in the face a little bit.

With the Papillon, that’s where the similarities end. There doesn’t seem to be any color combination out there that could come in as a close match, the tail isn’t foxlike, and the body fur is far shaggier than the coat on Eevee.

4. Long-Haired Chihuahua

long-haired chiwawa on white background

The Long-Haired Chihuahua has the size, color possibilities, and ear shape to qualify as a runner-up in the Eevee lookalike department. Its ears are erect atop its head like Eevee’s and also have an oversized appearance (though perhaps not as exaggerated as the Papillon).

The apple-shaped head assists in the overall look, and its petite size helps make it a good match. With the right color combination, you can get the frilly white mane about the neck like Eevee and still wind up with a light tan or dark creme head and body coloring that would be close.

As is the case with all of the other runners-up, the tail of the Long-Haired Chihuahua is all wrong, not resembling that of a fox, but is loosely curled up over its back. Also, the coat on Eevee is much shorter than what’s found on this particular iteration of Chihuahua.

5. German Spitz

German Spitz Klein dog in a grassy park

The German Spitz is the largest dog on the list but is still considered a small breed (one similarity to Eevee that counts here).

If you look at the German Spitz’s side profile, you may not see any resemblance to Eevee that anyone could make. However, when you choose the right colored variety of the German Spitz and look at it head-on, you’ll quickly see why this breed made the list.

The coat of fur helps blend in its features, assisting in that Eevee look, and its ears stand erect atop of its head, though more modest in size than Eevee’s. The German Spitz does have a handsome mane that encompasses its neck, that can be lighter in color than the rest of its coat, resembling Eevee’s neck fur.

But that’s where the similarities end, as the tail is another curled over the back shape (like most of the others in this list), and there’s a lot longer fur on this breed overall than what’s on Eevee.

Final Thoughts

Eevee standing on top of a chihuahua dog

Aside from being a cartoon character, there are some good reasons why it’s so tough to find a dog that looks just like Eevee. There isn’t any real confirmation out there about what kind of animal it is.

Some say part cat, part rabbit, or a mixture of dog breeds. Others say more resembles a fennec fox.

The truth is, this character can evolve into any structure, so to answer exactly what breed or kind of animal it is, I suppose the answer is- any of the above. The only concrete answer to explain what Eevee could become from the Pokémon video game explains that Eevee is a mammal.

So, that’s why you’ll never find an exact match between a dog breed and Eevee- but the five breeds above should help you get close, should you ever wish to get the next best thing.

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