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19 Bull Terrier Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

Bull Terriers will capture your heart, change your life, and leave you wondering how you ever managed without them.

Bull Terriers are known for many things, but the personality trait that stands out the most is their sense of humor. Bull Terriers are our passion, and we are truly thankful to them for all the joy they bring into our lives in their daily antics and the incredible human owners we have developed friendships with.

This article will express our most genuine life experiences with a bully and hopefully educate anyone who is considering adding one to their life. Please keep in mind that Bull Terriers are not for everyone, and anyone considering adding a Bull Terrier to their family should research this breed carefully.

Here are the frequently asked questions about Bull Terriers from my experience.

1. Are Bull Terriers Good with Children?

Like any other dog, Bull Terriers should always be under supervision with children. Generally, most Bull Terriers are good with kids, they enjoy the activity and love to play, but there are always exceptions to the rule. I would never leave ANY dog unattended with a child (even Lassie).

2. What is Their Temperament Like?

A clown in a dog suit describes them very well. Bull Terriers can range from the very active to the couch potato. They are very active dogs, generally with a severe curiosity. They are very human-dependent and demand a social relationship. To be alone is hellish for a Bull Terrier (and sometimes for your home.)  If you don’t have a good sense of humor, don’t get a Bull Terrier.

3. Are They Considered an Outside or Inside dog?

We do not believe in the outside dog for many reasons, but Bull Terriers are not good outdoor dogs to answer this question honestly.

One:  they do not have a substantial enough coat to endure long periods of temperature extremes

Second:  A Bull Terrier is still a terrier and might take up the habit of digging up your backyard

Third:  Bull Terriers are often stolen. Leaving your Bull Terrier in your backyard all the time is just waiting to become the possession of some undesirable low life. Bull Terriers can live in an apartment as long as you can provide adequate exercise and activity for your dog. However, no reputable Bull Terrier breeder will sell a Bull Terrier to an apartment dweller without written permission from your landlord.

4. Are Bull Terriers Difficult to Train?

Yes. Being an independent mind and high intelligence, Bull Terriers are difficult to train, BUT not impossible. You must be a very dedicated owner and realize that most training (unlike every other dog I have ever trained) with Bull Terriers should primarily be based on fun and entertainment. I am not saying that you should give up being the “boss” with a bully, but rather when teaching a Bull Terrier commands; the bullie has to feel like you are receiving tremendous pleasure for their correct action. It is not the action of pleasing you that motivates bullies, but rather their enjoyment of seeing you are pleased. Many traditional training methods do not work well with this breed. You have to be of a creative mindset and infinite patience to excel in obedience with these dogs. Formal obedience training of Bull Terriers usually requires the assistance of a dog training professional for the novice Bull Terrier owner (but don’t be surprised if your dog stumps your trainer.)  For any Bull Terrier puppy, an obedience class is almost required and a lot of fun.

5. Would Bull Terriers Make a Good Guard dog?

In general, Terriers are too independent-minded to be reliable guard dogs. Again going into the difficulty in training Bull Terriers, most bullies would not excel enough in obedience to be a safe and reliable guard dog. If you want a guard dog, get a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois.   As with most dogs, Bull Terriers will alert you to someone arriving at your door. They do very well at “alerting the pack.”  Most likely, though, once a person has entered your home, they would most like to be taken down by kisses. They love people.

6. How Large do Bull Terriers Get?

You would think this is an easy question to answer, but it isn’t. Bull Terriers can range in size and weight, and the average for a female Bull Terrier is anywhere from 18 to 22 inches tall and 45 to 60 lbs.

The average for a male Bull Terrier is anywhere from  20 to 24 inches tall and 50 to 70 lbs. As you can see, there is a wide range, and females are usually smaller, and there are such cases of 80 lb male Bull Terriers.

I prefer the smaller to middle ground myself. Now, don’t forget that the beautiful breed of the Miniature Bull Terriers is quite lovely, and I am only answering the Standard Bull Terrier’s size here, though.

7. Are Bull Terriers The Same as Pit bulls?

No. The term “pit bull” is quite often missed used. “Pit Bulls” referred to the group of breeds of the “bull and terrier” days, which were used to fight in the pits. Many people mistakenly refer to Staffordshire Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and American Pit Bull Terriers with this term. Bull

Terriers share the same ancestry of these breeds and can be easily called “cousins,” but are to themselves not pit bulls, but rather Bull Terriers. Many Bull Terrier owners often refer to their dogs as “English Bull Terriers” to help avoid any confusion.

8. How Intelligent are Bull Terriers?

Very. This can be a good and a bad thing, though. Things you thought your dog would never get into or figure how to do, the average bully will prove you wrong every day. For example, it took our dog, Austin, just once to see how our cat could jump over our fence before he figured it out. But this also can be a perfect thing, though, because you will never cease to be amazed every day with your bully. This intelligence helps them be one of the most entertaining dogs ever.

  9. What Health Problems are Associated with Bull Terriers?

Bull Terriers are prone to genetic health issues such as heart disease, deafness, luxating patellas, and eye disorders.

10. What Do You Feed them? Do They Have Special Dietary Needs?

Bull Terriers do not need any “special dietary supplements” if you feed them a complete and balanced diet. Your breeder answers your best answer to this question. We have been turned on to the idea of providing a diet based on natural foods by my mentors and will not go back to conventional dog food. We have been eyewitnesses to the transformation of our Austin, who suffers from horrible skin allergies. The diet we follow can be found here, given to me by Victoria Corse of Corsaire Bull Terriers.

11. Do They Get Along with Other Animals Like Other Dogs and Cats?

This can depend on the dog and how it was raised. My dogs, of course, live with other dogs and 3 cats, but they were introduced and trained to. It depends on how dominant the other dogs are compared to your Bull Terrier and vice versa.

I would never recommend leaving any dogs together unsupervised. Generally, most intact males will not get along well with other intact males, but exceptions exist. Being terriers, many Bull Terriers will not tolerate cats unless trained to do so from a very young age.

12. Do Bull Terriers Bark a Lot? Are They Noisy Dogs?

Generally, no. I have found bullies not to be “yappy” dogs. They usually bark when appropriate, i.e., a knock on the door, but don’t tend to bark often. They do make other noises, though. Bull Terriers are known for peculiar sounds. Austin quite often “talks” to me in a grumbly sound. Ursa is world-renowned for her range of snorts and whines.

13. How Destructive Are They?

They can be very destructive, especially during the puppy age. Bull Terriers have a very intense teething period, making your local pet store very rich. I have found frozen carrots help during the more severe days, and you should always have on hand many toys to stimulate their minds and mouths. They do possess great strength and agility to wreck an average home. It is highly recommended to put your Bull Terrier in a crate during puppyhood and adolescence to protect your dog from harm to itself and your belongings until proper house manners have been established.

14. What Toys are Best for Bull Terriers?

Unfortunately, dog toy manufacturers do not think of Bull Terriers when making dog toys, and you quickly learn that your options can be limited. Bullies possess great jaw strength and will destroy many toys quickly and more to shred toys and eat the dangerous remains.

After a few trips to the emergency vets for intestinal obstruction, you will quickly learn your lesson. So hopefully, this can help prevent any future mistakes. You can not give bullies any average toy, and the toys need to be extremely strong and durable to ensure your dog’s safety.

15. Do Bull Terriers Shed a Lot?

No, not really. Grooming them is almost nil except for regular bathing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping. They typically blow their coat twice a year, and a good brushing will help remove a lot of the dead coat.

16. I Have Allergies, is This a Good Breed For Me?

If you are allergic to dog dander, there aren’t many dogs, except maybe the hairless breeds, that would be tolerable for you. Many people with mild allergies can own Bull Terriers because of the lack of sheds coats. BUT, some people have experienced (ourselves included) mild allergic dermatitis to Bull Terrier salvia during their teething phase.

17. What are The Distinctive Characteristics of Bull Terriers from Other Terriers?

Bull Terriers do carry similar traits to their relatives in the Terrier group. They usually like to dig, are of independent mind, and have a good sense of “prey drive,”; but their tremendous sense of humor distinguishes them besides the obvious physical traits.

18. Are Bull Terriers Common?

No. You will be asked quite often what type of dog you have or hear comments such as “There’s a Spuds Mackenzie dog” or, for our younger generation, “It’s Bruno.”  Bull Terriers are unique as their owners. It takes a particular person to own a Bull Terrier, and once you have them, you can not think of ever not having one to share your life.

19. How Much do Bull Terriers Usually Cost?

Prices and contracts can vary, but the average cost is usually between 1000.00 to 1200.00 US dollars, and contracts will vary depending on whether you are looking for a show dog or a pet. Please make sure you find out from other breeders their contracts to understand what normal contractual agreements for the breed are.

Final Thoughts:

Bull Terriers are one of the most popular dogs in the world. I hope the questions above will help your decision regarding getting a Bull Terrier as a pet. Click Here for more British Dog Breeds.

About the author: Driven by his lifelong passion for dogs and an insatiable curiosity about their diverse breeds, Pablo Pascua founded dogbreedsfaq.com. Through this website, he seeks to expand his knowledge and share his findings with fellow dog enthusiasts. Having owned several dogs throughout his life, Pablo’s experiences have fueled his interest in learning more about these beloved animals. His mission is to provide accurate and comprehensive information to help pet owners make informed decisions about their furry companion.