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Dogs that Look Like Fried Chicken

At first mention, it’s kind of tough to imagine dogs that look like fried chicken. It turns out, that when you compare certain breeds to a plate, bucket, or bowl of fried chicken, there are some stunning similarities to be found.

Don’t get crazy! We’re not suggesting that dogs taste like chicken as people stereotypically say that gators, snakes, and frogs do. We’re talking about appearance, more specifically, the coat of a dog that gives it that battered and fried appearance.

Dog Breeds Look Like Fried Chicken


3 labradoodle puppies

When it comes to resembling a nice display of tasty fried chicken, none do it better than the Labradoodle. Perhaps not up close, but in a picture or seen from a bit of a distance, the curly, tan, and textured coat of the Labradoodle winds up bearing an uncanny (and perhaps unfortunate) resemblance to fried chicken.

In the meme that gained so much traction concerning this topic, it was the Labradoodle that was used in the comparison photos.

As a side dish- or note, should you be interested in something a bit more petite such as popcorn chicken or chicken nuggets, then perhaps the toy variety of the Labradoodle is the right choice for you! Or, of course, you could set your hungry eyes upon the Brussels Griffon.

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon looking and a fried chicken on a plate

These can resemble fried chicken in both appearances as well as the sounds they can make. However. unlike the Labradoodle, Brussel Griffons tend to take the fried chicken appearance when grouped up in numbers.

These Belgian dog breeds can certainly sound like a clucking chicken too if they feel like it! Some videos exist from Brussel Griffon owners showcasing their dogs clucking like chickens! Yes, I’m serious.

Picture Of Dogs that Look Like Fried Chicken (Blowing Up on Instagram)

labradoodle or fried chicken twitter post

Dogs that look like fried chicken were put on display via the Instagram account of a woman named Karen Zack (@teenybiscuit), which has become wildly popular for her dog-to-food comparison posts. Among such posts are “Chihuahua or Muffin,” “Labradoodle or Fried Chicken,” and “Puppy or Bagel.”

Each of these posts contains several comparison pictures that show the food on one side and the dog on the other. Eerily enough, some of the comparison pictures are extremely close between a dog and whichever food is being showcased.

What sounds preposterous at first mention, begins to take shape in these posts- particularly with fried chicken comparison.

Background Can Make the Difference

labradoodle on white background

If you’re interested in trying to take pictures that make your pups look like some sort of food type, the background can be everything. Your Labradoodle sitting or lying down on the floor or couch may not begin to take shape of a piece of fried chicken, so you may need to get a little creative.

The best photo (in my opinion) that makes a litter of Labradoodle pups appear like fried chicken, happens to have them standing on some sort of grate in or on the floor. It has fooled many people at first glance, giving the appearance of chicken cooking on the grill. You can find it here from Metro.

Final Thoughts

Dogs that Look Like Fried Chicken 1

If a dog looks like a food type, why not have fun with it? Grab a camera or a phone, take an interesting pic of your dog, and see what kind of dish it represents.

(Don’t fill your dog in on what you’re doing. It may begin to get a little concerning.)


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