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The Adorable Red Cantonese Bear Dog

If you’re fond of dogs that look like bears, the Red Cantonese Bear dog is a good choice. If this has caught your interest, you’re in luck.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Red Cantonese Bear dog, so keep reading to get all the details.

What Is a Red Cantonese Bear Dog?

A Red Cantonese bear dog is a dog that looks like a chow-chow cross with a bear. They have wideset features, much like bears, and they have a reddish-brown fur coat similar to Chow Chows.

Because of their unique physical characteristics, these dogs have become highly sought after by dog enthusiasts worldwide.

Cantonese Bear Dog Puppy

red cantonese bear dog close up

As puppies, Cantonese bear dogs are relatively small, even though they’ll grow quite large. Like puppies of other breeds, they will need a firm hand to housetrain and get them obedient.

They also are on the higher end of the energy needs spectrum, which means they’ll be plenty rambunctious and playful to get out all their pent-up energy.

Most breeders will be selling Cantonese Bear dog puppies, not full-grown dogs. As such, it can be good to know some things about handling these tiny red pups.

They should be kept as clean as possible to help avoid things like infection, skin irritation, and illness. Unless the puppy has a habit of getting into mud puddles or something like that, you should be fine giving them one bath every few days.

Because their fur is shorter, you won’t typically need to worry about brushing out tangles or snags. However, the puppy will appreciate a good comb-through every once in a while.

When they’re puppies, red Cantonese Bear dogs will require a lot of your attention and energy. If neglected, they can start to form unhealthy behaviors.

And socializing plenty with you, other people, and dogs will help them adjust to healthy social interactions. This is key in ensuring their temperament is not violent or aggressive when they get older.

Cantonese Bear Dog Full Grown

red cantonese bear dog full grown close up

When fully grown, the Cantonese Bear dog will reach a large size. Their shoulder can reach up to 32 inches and weigh between 77 and 85 pounds.

They are sturdy and robust, suited to physical tasks, and should get many exercises. Again, because their coat is shorter, maintaining proper upkeep won’t take too much effort.

They may need a brush or comb occasionally, but their hair is generally too short to get tangled or snagged on anything.

Cantonese Bear Dog for Sale

When looking for a Red Cantonese Bear dog for sale, you’ll want to check various areas on the internet as a place to start. Some popular places people use to list dogs for sale are Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and other sites similar to these.

You may also see that some dog breeders have websites that list all the puppies they have for sale at a given time, so you may be able to find a red Cantonese Bear dog for sale on one of those too.

Cantonese Bear Dog Price

So, if you want to get your hands on one of these big red beauties, how much will it cost you? Dogs of varying breeds will cost varying amounts to buy, so it’s important to research the fairest price for a given breed of dog.

As for the Red Cantonese Bear dog, you can expect somewhere between $1500 and $3000 for one of their puppies. You’d find this specific price point on internet markets like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

This price may vary further if you find one of these dogs sold in a physical location local to your home. While this is improbable, as this dog breed hails from the Oriental regions of China and other parts of Asia, you may find a specialist who breeds Cantonese Bear dogs and other Chinese red dogs.

The Cantonese Bear dog even got its name from one group of people in China who played a pivotal role in breeding the dog.

Their language is not Mandarin, the most commonly spoken language in China, but Cantonese. So close was this dog to the Cantonese people that it even got their name.

Cantonese Bear Dog Breeder

You may have to get a little creative when looking for a Cantonese Bear Dog breeder. After running a simple google search for one, there were no apparent results listing where to find a breeder for this type of dog.

However, there are a few places you could look to find one. Specific sites function as a hub for breeders selling Bear dogs of various breeds.

One such website is called the AKC PuppyFinder. You can search for breeders selling certain breeds manually using a site like this. This may be an excellent way to find a breeder who breeds Cantonese Bear dogs.

Final Thoughts

red cantonese bear dog puppy close up

The Red Cantonese Bear Dog is a formidable canine that, when raised right, can be a jolly and friendly companion.

Their short, fluffy red hair makes them the object of many canine enthusiasts’ adoration, and as such, they can be a bit difficult to get one’s hands on.

Even though they may be difficult to find, there are sure to be breeders who specialize in this dog. Originating from China, there is a much larger dog market in Oriental regions than in the West.

We hope this information has answered all your questions about the Red Cantonese Bear dog.

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