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Can Akitas Live With Other Dogs?

Akitas are beautiful and popular dogs. But the Akita dog temperament should be considered before taking one into your home, especially “Can Akitas live with other dogs?”

This question should be asked when looking into any large breed to ensure that you’re not making a mistake. So, can Akitas live with other dogs?

Akitas cannot live with other dogs naturally as their temperament is more dominant when it comes to other dogs, and they are unpredictable with other animals in general. Strict training and regular familiarizing an Akita with other dogs as a puppy can help. Still, more training will be necessary as it enters adulthood.

The Akita is best suited to live in a one-dog home and can be a wonderful companion, a protective guard dog, and a loyal family member.

But as far as mixing it up with other dogs or cats, it would be best not to leave anything to chance- particularly if you’re a first-time dog owner.

Can Two Akitas Live Together?

2 akitas on white background

Two Akitas of the same sex should never be left alone together and would have to be monitored constantly even if raised from pups.

This type of situation makes for unfair conditions for both dogs should someone try to raise two together.

Contest for Dominance

It will be a straight contest for dominance, and you’ll be spending more time breaking up fights with two very powerful dogs than you’ll ever want.

Dominance issues, food aggression, jealousy over attention, toys, and other reasons known only to the dog, can launch a war.

Being neutered doesn’t make as much of a behavioral difference as Akitas. With other breeds, it may work wonders, but the same rules don’t apply to all breeds of dogs.

It may help curb some of that dominant behavior, but not enough to be able to treat it as a dog-friendly breed.

A Safer Way to Do It

2 akita puppies playing on white background

The best (or safest) case scenario would be a male and female pair, both neutered, and one being about 18 months to 2 years older than the other. The age gap is for a couple of strategic reasons.

The first reason would be that you’d have the experience of raising an Akita puppy and would get the flavor of what’s involved.

Raising a rambunctious puppy can be a handful, let alone multiplying that by two. This factor is particularly important for first-time Akita dog owners.

The second reason is you’d have a handle on your first dog’s attitude, temperament, and tolerance.

You’d have witnessed how it responds to other dogs and would have a better idea of how it would react to an incoming pup hitting the scene.

After going through the experience of bringing up your first pup into adulthood, having gone through all of your personal training, and having overseen the dog’s training, you’d be in a better position to make a decision.

Do Female Akitas Tend to Be Less Aggressive Than Male Akitas?

male and female akitas

Are female Akitas less aggressive than males? No.

They’re slightly weaker than their male counterparts, but display dominant behavior over other female dogs just as aggressively as males do with one another.

However, male and female Akitas are less aggressive toward each other.

What about Other Breeds?

akita and golden retriever with question mark sign between them

It doesn’t matter what the breed is regarding whether or not an Akita will be aggressive toward it. Any other breed of the same sex will be considered “competition.”

Is this true for every single Akita out there? No. There are exceptions to the rule with any breed.

But it would be foolhardy to assume that you’ll have everything under control trying to mix an Akita and other animals in the same house without some serious problems on your hands.

Exercise Caution

american akita and cat with caution akita on white background

When it comes to the lives of other pets, it’s better to err on the side of caution. An Akita is a powerful dog and can make quick work out of cats, other small animals, and most dog breeds if it decides to.

I’m not trying to paint this breed into appearing as stone-cold killers. Many people who own Akitas would argue about some of these things because their dog is different.

Others may agree wholeheartedly with everything I’m saying due to their personal horror stories from attempting to mix K9 company with their Akita.

That’s the point- it’s a mixed bag of behaviors from different individuals.

It would be wise to exercise caution and make responsible decisions before picking up an Akita pup or getting a four-legged friend for your Akita.

All it Takes is Once

There are breeds out there that tend to have a dual personalities. One loving and loyal to its owner and another of contempt toward other animals.

With a strong breed like an Akita, one occurrence can spell the death of a loved pet.

Japanese Akita Vs. American Akita

japanese akita vs american akita on white background

The American Akita is generally a little larger than the Japanese Akita, but both share the same general lineage and ancestry.

They look slightly different from one another, as the Japanese Akita has a fox-like appearance, and the American Akita has a bulkier bear-like appearance.

Putting aside the differences in size and appearance, their temperament remains the same as relating to other dogs. They were initially bred to be hunters of big game, as well as guardians.

Like most purebreds, the breed will display the nature it was bred to have. Animal-aggressive behavior is one of those traits that were necessary for hunting purposes.

In those days, it wasn’t uncommon for Akitas to hunt and take down bears with as few as two in number.

So, be it an American or Japanese Akita, one is not any less dominant than the other regarding behavior.

Final Thoughts

lady thinking about akita inu

The Akita is as cute as a teddy bear when it’s a puppy, and grows to be a handsome big ball of fur when it’s an adult.

They are loyal to their owners, loving to their families, and take up the mantle of being the protectors of all that they know and love.

They have a proven track record of being beloved family pets overall. But their dominant behavior can turn a household upside down when another animal is introduced.

So, please consider all this information if you’re interested in picking up an Akita. It could save you a ton of grief and heartache in days and years.

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