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Black Golden Retriever: The Facts Behind The Fur

When you think of a Golden Retriever, there are probably many traits that come up – happy, playful, loyal, trainable – but the most obvious one is right there in the name. A Golden Retriever, is, well, golden in color.

While it’s not shimmery like real gold, most goldens have somewhat a gold “tint.”

They can range from a light blonde color to almost a darker brown, but the “golden” qualifier still makes sense.

If you picture this when you think of a golden retriever, you may be shocked to know that there is such a thing as a Black Golden Retriever!

That’s right.

Black golden retrievers are a breed of dogs that are pretty much identical to golden retrievers except for one part – their color.

Their coat is midnight black. If you’re wondering how this is even possible, read on to learn something about these magnificent hounds.

What is a Black Golden Retriever?

Black Golden Retriever sitting on a white background

A black golden retriever is the same breed as a standard golden retriever, but they bear a black coat instead of a yellow, gold, or blonde one.

If you only saw the body, you may mistake them for a black lab, but once you see the face, you’ll know that this is a golden retriever that simply isn’t golden.

The jet-black color of these dogs is due to the genetic diversity factor.

This means that they can be purebred because the trait was added to their bloodline when the breed was being developed.

It is common for people to mistake black golden retrievers for Flat-Coated Retrievers, or to think that the two are the same breed.

Although they are similar in appearance, this is simply not the case.

A Black Golden Retriever is still a golden retriever, while the flat-coated retriever is an entirely different breed with different physiology and a very different temperament.

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Black Golden Retriever Breed Overview

Black Golden Retriever standing on the lawn

Now that you know that a black golden retriever is just a golden retriever with a different colored coat, you can expect that everything else would be the same.

However, if you are unaware of the qualities of golden retrievers, you can learn about them here.

Black golden retrievers have an average lifespan of 10-12 years.

They weigh up to 75 pounds and generally max out at 24 inches tall. These stats are exactly the same as any other type of golden retriever.

These are highly active dogs that require a lot of exercises, so if you are lazy or don’t have access to large outdoor areas, they might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you want a dog with whom you can play for hours and go on runs like marathons or swims with, a black golden retriever would be an excellent companion.

In addition to being fun-loving and active, your black golden retriever will also have a friendly, loyal temperament.

With a black golden retriever, you have made a friend for life. Not only will he be happy to see you when you get home from work, but he’ll also be eager to play and make you laugh.

Black Golden Retriever retrieving a toy

These dogs love fast-paced, repetitive games like fetch and chase.

You might even find yourself getting worn out before the dog does when playing these games, so make sure to pace yourself!

Black goldens are high-energy dogs, but they don’t necessarily know when to stop, so they might burn themselves out before it’s time to go home!

These are pretty heavy dogs, so make sure to put a limit on playtime so you don’t find yourself carrying your buddy back!

If you fail to provide your black golden retriever with enough exercise and mental stimulation, you may experience some backlash.

He is likely to get bored and may even become angry with you. This could lead to scratching and biting up furniture, shoes, clothes, and anything else around the house that helps him relieve tension.

You’ll know your dog is happy and content when he comes home, eats, and lays on the ground waiting for pets.

Just because he’s sleepy doesn’t mean he’s bored! In fact, pacing around and being restless are bigger signs of boredom in dogs.

If they are being lazy, it usually means that they are satisfied with their action-packed day and that they want to rest up for another one!

Caring for a Black Golden Retriever

Black golden retriever with heartbeat and pulse line silhoutte

Like a regular golden, these dogs require quite a bit of maintenance to keep clean and happy.

Because they burn so many calories throughout the day, they are pretty big eaters and will require plenty of food.

You should be aware that they shed quite a bit so you should prepare your house for that before getting one.

They also have a few common health issues that you should be ready to deal with.


Female golden retrievers eat about 2 cups of dog food per day, while male dogs can eat up to 4 cups per day.

Depending on the type of food you buy, it will probably run you about $60-70 per month to keep your golden satisfied.

You want to be sure to buy high-quality dog food, because the chemicals in cheaper food can lead to skin problems to which goldens are susceptible.


Although they shed quite a bit, grooming a black golden retriever isn’t all that difficult.

You should be able to take care of it at home, trimming the hair from the feet, ears, tails, and back legs when it gets too long and shaggy.

While many breeds aren’t as trustworthy and won’t let you do so, goldens are very friendly and generally easy to work with.

Because they like water, bathing them is usually a bit easier than other dogs as well.

Many goldens enjoy bath time and will be happy to accommodate your requests – just be sure they don’t splash too much water all over your bathroom!

After a bath, they should be brushed gently, and their nails should be trimmed.

Health Problems

Golden Retrievers are known to experience certain health issues such as allergies, skin problems, and hip dysplasia.

You can never predict if your golden is going to be struck by one of these maladies, but you can take preventative action to lower the chances.

Your home should be equipped with updated air filters and even air purifiers to keep allergens out.

You should make sure your dog gets plenty of regular exercise and proper nutrition to keep his bones and muscles healthy.

You should always have an emergency fund set aside in case your dog needs surgery due to an accident or disease.

Regular vet visits aren’t costly, but procedures can start to get very pricey as they add up.

You can also look into pet insurance – it isn’t usually as comprehensive as human insurance, but it might save you some money in the long run.


The Golden Retriever is known as one of the most trainable breeds that you can get, which is part of what makes them so popular.

These are smart animals who crave companionship, so they are willing to learn the things that they need in order to be part of the pack.

It can be helpful to put them through a basic obedience class at your local vet, shelter, or animal training center.

However, you likely won’t need to go much further than that as they get to know you better.

Is a Black Golden Retriever Right for You?

Black Golden Retriever icon on white background

If you are an experienced or a first-time owner, getting a black golden retriever, we believe, is a fantastic option!

But you must evaluate what you are looking for in your furry companion.

If you want a dog who stays indoors and doesn’t require much maintenance, a golden might not be the right canine for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a loving companion who will be loyal to you throughout his life, a black golden retriever is a fantastic dog!

You just have to be ready to commit to taking care of him, as these dogs require human affection and care, and will take a little bit of time to train.

Black Golden Retrievers are excellent family dogs and are very protective of the children in their pack.

So even if you are single now but are planning to start a family in the coming years, your black golden retriever will be a great friend to have by your side during your life transition.

On the other hand, if you already have a family with children, these are still wonderful dogs to pick up and should be able to acclimate to the family environment very quickly.

All in all, if you love golden retrievers but want one that looks a little bit different, a black golden retriever may just be the perfect dog for you.

You’ll fall in love immediately and you’ll have a loyal companion for years to come.

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