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What Type of Dog is Akamaru?

You probably know and love the beloved dog character shown in the popular anime series Naruto. You may not, however, know exactly what kind of dog this Akamaru is.

Akamaru is most likely a Great Pyrenees breed of dog. His depiction as a white, furry canine with a very strong sense of smell and hearing point to this being the case. Based on his physical appearance, the Great Pyrenees fits the best.

As Kiba Inuzuka’s lifelong partner and best friend, he gets a fair amount of screen time, yet they never openly address his breed.

So, why exactly do we think Akamaru belongs to the Great Pyrenees canine breed?

In this article, we’re going to examine Akamaru as a character and all the likenesses he shares with this particular breed.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Akamaru and his canine breed.

Characteristics of the Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees lying on the lawn

Originating from France, the Great Pyrenees is a canine breed that came from the Pyrenees Mountain range.

It was originally bred to be a livestock guard dog and was extremely good at herding and guarding livestock against common predators like wolves, coyotes, raccoons, or even bears.

To fend off such large predators, these dogs need to be fairly large and strong. The Great Pyrenees can grow up to 32 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing in at around 160 pounds at the high end.

Even though these dogs were livestock guards in ancient times, they make great canine companions in the modern-day too.

They can be dependable aids for rescue and therapy work, while also displaying a penchant for sports. These dogs love to socialize and play with other dogs and children, making them great family dogs as well.

These dogs are among the most intelligent of dog breeds, making them hard to train in certain instances. They may understand more than you think but still will display their own will.

Despite this bit of trickiness, Great Pyrenees make devoted, courageous, and protective companions. They’re known to be very expressive, using their paws to display the emotions they’re feeling, often surprising their owners with their level of emotional intelligence.

Because these dogs were originally bred to be guard dogs, they can sometimes be a little overbearing in their protectiveness.

They love to bark at anyone they don’t know and will gladly attack or scare off any who they feel threaten them, their territory, or their owners.

Due to their heightened sense of sight, they can easily pick out intruders or predators in the dark, too. Their hearing will also alert them to any noises that don’t belong around the house or the yard outside.

About Akamaru

akamaru and naruto

Akamaru was received by Kiba when he was very young. He was just a puppy when they became friends, in fact. The two companions essentially grew up together, establishing a very close bond and friendship in the process.

Even as Kiba trains as a ninja and is assigned tasks and missions, he and his canine companion are inseparable. As a ninja-trained, Akamaru displays an unparalleled protectiveness and loyalty to his master and will protect him in any situation.

With his ability to sense and smell out chakras, the dog can find and determine the strength of any enemy they face in their travels.

When fighting alongside one another, Amakaru and Kiba make an imposing duo. Akamaru can take human form and perform a coordinated attack with his master, called the Passing Fang.

While Akamaru can execute this attack alone, when executed with Kiba, the attack becomes much stronger.

Additionally, Akamaru has the strange ability to change the color of his fur after ingesting a special kind of pill.

After taking one of these pills, called soldier pills, Akamaru’s fur deepens to a dark red and he becomes almost like a feral beast. It’s interesting to note that this red color better reflects his name, which in Japanese means “Red Male.”

Final Thoughts

akamaru running

As amazing of a character as Akamaru is, paired with his master Kiba, many fans of Naruto may be unsure of the breed of dog he belongs to.

The best breed to compare him to is the Great Pyrenees, which are also large, white guard dogs.

The similarities are so close that although his breed is never stated specifically in the anime, we can be sure this is the breed the animators intended to shape him after.

Throughout the series, we see Akamaru’s relationship and friendship as an undying bond with his master Kiba.

Together, both being trained in ninja combat arts, they make a formidable team and are able to take on some of the most dangerous enemies in the show.

We know you all love this fluffy canine as much as we do, so hopefully, the information we’ve outlined in this article has answered all your questions about what kind of dog he is.

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