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What Kind of Dog is Doge?

If you’re searching the internet to try and find answers to questions about the Doge meme, then it should go without saying that you’re familiar with the meme.

So, we won’t beat around the bush here and get straight to the point of this article, answering the question, “What kind of dog is Doge?”

The dog whose picture is the Doge meme is a Shiba Inu. The meme gained traction and went viral in 2013, but the actual picture of the dog was taken just a few years prior, in 2010. All these years later, Doge is still a popular fixture in today’s social media-based pop culture.

What is Doge?

shiba inu smiling

Doge is a simple picture of a Shiba Inu, sitting with paws forward and folded over each other as if relaxed and intently listening to a conversation.

Because of the quizzical expression on Shiba Inus face in the picture, it became the background for inner monologue-type posts on the social media outlets of the day.

To “dogify” the inner monologue, the English used in the meme was typically broken English, signifying that it’s a dog thinking rather than a person. Most often, the phrases used were two-word sentences that were direct and to the point.

Though the original can still be found in places like Facebook and Twitter, it has since been used as badges and emotes in places like Twitch. When used as a badge or emote, the entirety of the picture is cropped out, leaving only Doge and its humorous expression.

Where did Doge Come From?

Atsuko Sato and her shiba inu

The Shiba Inu, the original focus of the Doge meme, is a female born on November 2, 2005. The owner of the Shiba Inu is Atsuko Sato, who is a nursery school teacher in Japan.

Because of the rounded appearance of the head, The Shiba was named Kabosu after the Japanese citrus fruit that Ms. Sato was reminded of after adopting the dog.

The Dogecoin- A Joke or Crypto Currency?

When Doge skyrocketed in popularity, Crypto-currency became a strong topic of conversation. To mock the crypto world, as a joke, Bill Markus and Jackson Palmer (two software engineers) launched “Dogecoin.”

Surprisingly, Dogecoin grew in popularity just as the original meme did and is predicted to reach a dollar’s worth in value, which is a large jump from its 1-cent beginnings.

Is the Original Doge Still Alive?

girl and shiba inu on the beach

In 2014, there were rumors that the Doge dog had passed away. Fortunately, this was only a cruel prank being played on those who were going gaga over Doge, and the dog was just fine.

The original Japanese dog breed Doge (whose real name is Kabosu) is about 15 years old at the time of this writing. Unfortunately for this famous little dog, the Shiba Inu lives between 12-15 years old on average, meaning that the pup responsible for the Doge meme is toward the end of its run.

However, these are averages we’re talking about- not concrete laws. There may be a few years of good life left for Kabosu if all ends well rather than a staunch end at fifteen.

What is a Shiba Inu?

shiba inu stalking something

I’d be remiss if we kept moving forward in the article without talking about the dog breed whose face has been plastered all over the internet– the Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu Height and Weight

Shiba Inus are considered to be medium-sized dogs, often standing up to 17 inches at the shoulder. They can weigh up to 23 pounds, but females are often slightly more petite, weighing in up to 17 pounds.

Coat of the Shiba Inu

The coat of the Shiba Inu can come in four different standard colors. They are black and tan, red, red sesame, and cream.

Shibas throw their coat twice a year, but despite that, they tend to shed moderately throughout the year. Fortunately, their fur isn’t the type to easily mat, so they are not hindered by infrequent brushing.

But when they throw their coat, frequent brushing will make a big difference in what kind of mess will be left behind on the carpet and living room furniture.

Are Shiba Inus Good House Pets?

shiba inu grooming

When raised properly (meaning well trained and conditioned from a pup), Shiba Inus can make fine house pets and are good family dogs. However, the importance of early training and handling cannot be understated, as the dog can tend to be headstrong and dominant.

Are Shiba Inus a Good First-Time Pet?

No. Shiba Inus are not good first-time owner pets. They have all kinds of negative attributes that a new dog owner will find either difficult or startling.

For example, Shibas tend to scream rather than bark. This can be horrible for first-time buyers as they won’t understand whether or not something is wrong with their dog.

They also tend to be aggressive with other dogs, particularly those of the same sex. Dominance is a key factor in this regard and is a trait that will continuously pop up when talking about the “negatives” of the breed.

They can have a one-track mind toward certain things, and when that mindset is geared toward something that an owner doesn’t want them to be focusing on, it can be a problem. They can be very driven toward a goal and behave downright stubbornly about achieving that goal.

Is it impossible for someone to successfully raise a sweet and lovable Shiba Inu as their first-time dog?

No, nothing is impossible, and every dog is individually different. But training out the bad early on in its life should be taken seriously by the owner, even if it means hiring dog training professionals to guide you along.

Final Thoughts

japanese shiba inu outdoors

Memes are a strange thing. Sometimes the simplest picture can transform into something incredible and weave its way into the cognition of generations. Millions try to achieve this, but few are as successful and long-lasting as the Doge.

Considering that millennials were still young enough and “gen z” kids were just old enough to appreciate this meme when it grew in popularity, it’s safe to assume that it will be around for a long time.


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