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5 Dogs That Look Like Akitas (Or Have Some Similarities)

If you’re a new dog owner, Akitas can be a hard breed to take care of. In fact, as a new owner, it is for the best that you stay away from this breed.

Instead, you can take your picks from dogs that look like Akitas and have similar temperaments.

You might also already have had an Akita, and are instead looking for breeds that reminds you of your furry friends but aren’t exactly like them.

In here, we have five lists of such breeds.

Akita Inu Breed Overview:

Akita dog breed sitting and facing its right side on white background

Akitas are a strong and proud breed whose origin can be connected to Japan. As such, they are known as Japanese Akita or Akita Inu as well.

These hunter dogs share a common ancestry and even several personality traits with northern European or North American dogs.

Akitas have a bold and powerful appearance that one finds hard to ignore. They are a beautiful breed with a small, triangle-shaped eye resting on a large head and a stance that gives away their pride on their being.

Simply by having an Akita in your home could help you keep suspicious strangers away from your house.

akita inu close up photo

They are known to have some feline traits, especially with their grooming habits. They are the type to lick their own body. As a hunter, they act similar to a tiger.

They will lower their body to the ground and stalk their prey with their eyes. They won’t make a single barking or growling sound before jumping their prey.

Most Akitas are at least above 100 pounds. They are muscular and dominating in nature.

The first obstacle you will face as their owner is to deter them from trying to dominate you.

Akitas require thorough and proper training. Any miscalculation could result in them taking advantage of your kindness and doing as they please around the house.

The owner should be the one to train the Akitas and no one else. Since they are one of the most loyal breeds, by handing them over to a trainer, you might end up breaking your sacred bond with them.

akita in the forest

You must spend some time researching how to train Akitas. They don’t respond well to harsh training methods but nor do they take kindly to softer ones.

You have to strike a balance where you respect them and they, in turn, respect you.

You will also have to go through a more extended period of training with Akitas than other breeds.

The stubborn and willful personality of Akitas can be quite hard to tame and requires investment on the owner’s side.

You must conduct as much research as possible before bringing an Akita home. If you are naturally a timid dog owner, you two would never get along well.

Personality And Temperament

akita and its owners

The Akita Inus are a fiercely independent breed, prone to following their own rules. Naturally, all strangers are regarded with suspicion by them, but once someone manages to win their trust, they’re extremely loyal to them.

Their hunting instincts make them courageous and always on the alert. They’re excellent hunters who note every move of their prey before pouncing; thus, it is safe to say they’re quite intelligent.

When it comes to their family, Akitas can be quite playful and affectionate. Despite their posturing, they are a breed who thrives on companionship from those closest to them. They like participating in playful activities with the family.

A little Boy, an Akita and a cat

They also tend to chew on things and can be often seen carrying toys and other small items.

Their possessive nature means they don’t particularly appreciate it when someone tries to take their toys or other items that they have dubbed as their own.

Generally, they are a quiet breed. Unless the situation calls for it, for example, if they see another dog or cat in their vicinity or a stranger, they might take to barking to subdue them.

However, from time to time, they do tend to grumble and moan about gaining the attention of their owner.

For the first time dog owners, the strong personality the Akita exudes can be overwhelming. They won’t bow down to anyone who is timid or too gentle.

A hand pointing down and giving commands to akita puppy and kitten

While they require love like any other breed, they also need their owner to be firm and disciplinary in action.

Akita is a breed you can’t tease. It is considered as a weak action by them and will lead them to ignore your commands.

They are a highly active breed. They feel the need to exercise regularly. Otherwise, they might get bored, which in turn would lead to them tearing your household items.

If the training of an Akita isn’t done right, they might become aggressive and act in an unseemingly manner.

It is essential that you teach Akita manners from an early age, and get them to socialize as much as possible. The older an Akita is, the harder it gets to train the stubborn breed.

While Akitas originated in Japan, right now, the breed is divided into Japanese Akitas and American ones.

Compared to the American one, the Japanese Akita is smaller, with about 30 pounds difference in weight.

Instead of the wolf-like features of the American Akita, they have a more fox-like head. Almond shapes ones replace triangular eyes.

In case you ever planned on entering a competition with your dog, you must know that your Akita can’t have a black mask on their face. In America, however, any color is permitted.

Some believe the differences between Japanese Akita and American Akita is strong enough to count them as separate breeds, while others are strongly against this distinction.

Akita Look-Alike Breeds

As stated before, Akitas share some common interests with arctic breeds. As these proud dogs were originally bred in the snowy mountains of Japan with the express purpose of hunting, they have quite an imposing figure.

Most dogs of this breed weigh at least 130 pounds and have a thick coat of fur to protect them against the stubborn winter.

Often, they are compared to the wolves for their rugged nature. Some dogs like Akitas are:

1. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute on white background

Compared to the Akitas, the Alaskan Malamute is merely 85 pounds. The Akita easily towers over it with its imposing figure.

However, the Malamute has a stocky frame that’s quite similar to the Akitas, though a bit scaled-down. They have dark fur on the surrounding areas of their faces, but their look has light furs.

Here, they are quite different and opposite from the Akitas, as Akitas have light fur around their necks and ears and have darker fur on their face. In temperament, they are quite similar.

If you are not a strong and confident owner, you won’t be able to handle Alaskan Malamute either, as they tend to have their stubborn streak.

2. Siberian Husky

Siberian husky on white background

In front of an Akita, the Siberian Husky would be called small and quite light, even though they are quite big by normal dog weight.

In appearance, Huskies share similarities with Akitas mainly in their pointed ears and the thick coat of fur they both possess.

They are also brothers when it comes to their stubborn nature. However, Huskies do well in packs and can get along with other breeds without much trouble. Akitas, on the other hand, are loners by birth.

3. Samoyed

Samoyed dog photographed on white background

Unlike the Akitas’ rugged appearance, the Samoyed comes across as elegant and has a graceful sprint.

Yet, both have a connection to the snow, resulting in a thick fur. Though, the coat of Samoyed is lighter than that of Akitas.

The face of the Akitas resembles that of the Samoyed the most. Alaskan Malamute and Finnish Spitz have a long and narrow muzzle, but Akita and Samoyed have a broad and flatter face.

4. Finnish Spitz

Finnish spitz photographed on white background

The Finnish Spitz is the second smallest dog breed on this list. Unlike the wolf-like features of the Akitas, they appear to be more of a fox, with only 36 pounds to their weight.

However, the thick and soft coat of the Akita and Finish Spitz are quite similar. In temperament, they would be immediate friends if not for the fact they are both hunters with a rugged, and alert personality.

5. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

If it weren’t for the small stature of the Shiba Inu- where they weigh only 23 pounds- it would be easy to mistake them for Akitas. Thick fur, a broad face and an alert expression are their distinctive features.

They are also similar in their personality, requiring firm discipline and an owner who can control the stubborn streak in them.

Other than the firm difference in size, the only other way to distinguish between the two is by the darker muzzle that Akitas possess.

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We have provided you with a distinctive list of 5 dogs that look like Akitas. While the Akita dog price should be considered, at the end of the day, the characteristics of your future dog will matter a lot more. We hope it will help you choose your next or your first dog!