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CakeDoggyDog.com Site Story

For some people, ideas come together to make something interesting and tasty for friends, family, or perhaps one day, paying customers. Nobody knows this better than Eddie and Rich LeBeau, two artists who decided one day to focus their creativity to bake up some treats for dogs.

The story of cakedoggydog.com began as a simple baking project for a friend, which was a bulldog-shaped cake. Due to the compliments on the cake, and after doing some thinking, hemming, and hawing, “Cake Doggy Dog” became a reality around a month after baking their first Dog-shaped cake around 2012.

About the Cakes at Cake Doggy Dog

cakedoggydog.com cake

The cakes that Rich and Eddie LeBeau made weren’t just rough likenesses of a customer’s dog placed atop of a cake but were as close as one could make a cake to appear like a dog.

These were three-dimensional cakes, being a spitting image of an owner’s dog, often standing on all four feet, with every piece involved remaining edible. Depending on the dog type, it would be scaled down for manageability, but as far as the proportions go- they were spot on.

The most impressive feature of these cakes is the detail that is involved. You can see without observing for more than a moment that artists surely played their hands at making these edible replicas filled with intricate detail- even down to the claws, eyes, coat colors and visual texture, and markings about the eyes and face.

Bespoke Cakes

Not everyone wants a replica cake made of their dog, not everyone has a dog for that matter. This is where the Bespoke Cakes side of the business comes into play.

Bespoke cakes are meant to cater to those who have other creative ideas for their cakes, rather than their pets.

Cake Doggy Dog Cakes- Handcrafted at Every Stage

cakedoggydog.com bulldog cake

They said early on, that they want to make their cakes look so good that the owners would be hesitant to ruin them by eating them.

That being said- they highly recommended against that. Just as much work went into making sure the taste was great, as what went into the looks.

Every stage of making the cakes is done completely by hand, and as they say on their website, novelty is shunned. Though the looks of the cake showcase the artistic talent and flair of Cake Doggy Dog, all of their products are supposed to be enjoyed from start to finish, not through appearances only.

Passion of Interests

You might have a difficult time wrapping artistic imagination toward a theme that you’re not passionate about. When you see the results of the finished product by Cake Doggy Dog, it’s obvious that these are people who are passionate dog lovers.

They understand that no two dogs are the same, and they do their best to capture the individual character of the dog in their art.

Final Thoughts

cakedoggydog.com spaniel cake

There are a million ways that people can express their art- not all of them go appreciated or well-received. Such is not the case for this duo. Their customers show nothing but satisfaction and appreciation on any remaining social postings that can still be found all this time after Cake Doggy Dog closed its doors.

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