Dog Breeds By Country

Man and K9s have sustained a mutually beneficial relationship for thousands of years.

Dogs have shared history with us and earning its reputation as “man’s best friend” in several different ways.

Through service, loyalty, and love, the K9 has proven itself as a family member, a friend, a guardian, and a worker.

Dog breeds by country differ, though some might share similar features with other breeds a world apart.

However, many of the breeds created were done purposefully to accomplish specific tasks.

Instead of doing a country by country list to answer the question, “What country are dog’s native to?” (which might come to the site in the future), we’ll talk about some regional differences between breeds.

In order to do this, we’ll have to take several steps back in time, as many of the more recent breeds have been bred for aesthetics, companionship, or convenience.

Regional Dog Breeds

Dingoes were mixed into many of the working dogs to help different breeds cope with the environment. Today, the most popular dog breed in Australia is the Labrador Retriever.

European Dog Breeds

There are hundreds of dog breeds that originate from Europe. Many of these breeds originated to serve different purposes that heavily relied on the climate, the culture, or to fill a need.

Needs such as herding, hunting, small pest control, security, and search & rescue, are among the traits most dog owners would seek until the 1800s.

Throughout the Victorian period, small or “lap” dogs became in vogue, exciting breeders to focus on qualities that would accommodate indoor living.

Throughout the 1800s until today, breeds are created for a variety of different reasons that depart from necessity such as house pets or show dogs.

These traits differ from most earlier breeds original skillsets.

Today, the most popular dog in all of Europe is the Italian Mastiff.

African Dog Breeds

Africa is known for its abundance of wildlife across the gambit. Knowing this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a variety of interesting breeds indigenous to the continent.

Even still, the previous occupation of different European countries managed to introduce other breeds that eventually worked its way into the fold.

Today, many breeds are a mixture of European and African descent growing in popularity from security purposes to family dogs.

The most popular dog in Africa today is the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

North American Dog Breeds

Dogs indigenous to North America are few these days, as most breeds have long since mixed in one way or the other with those that came with settlers.

Most breeds native to North America are believed to have descended from wolves.

That said, North America has produced many new breeds derived from others, just as what’s gone on in Europe and other continents.

Today, the most popular dog breed in the North American Continent is the Labrador Retriever.

South American Dog Breeds

South American breeds filtered their way down from North American breeds over the course of several thousand years.

The earliest breeds have been found in South America dating back to 500BC.

Through time and conquest, non-indigenous species arrived, breeding with native dogs. To date, the most popular breed of dog in South/Latin America would be the Chihuahua.

Asian Dog Breeds

Asia has been the home of a large variety of dog breeds, whose characteristics and fur changes with the climate (which is true with most indigenous breeds around the world).

To this day, Asia has produced some of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Today, the most popular dog breed in all of Asia would be the Shiba Inu, with the Pug being a close second.

Oceanic Dog Breeds

Most oceanic breeds are derived from other species that came over with people who settled in these areas within the past several hundred years.

But there are few that are indigenous to the isles, thought to have occupied islands before seas became more challenging to cross thousands of years ago.

Australian Dog Breeds

Dog breeds native to Australia have bodies and coats that help them to maneuver and thrive in their natural environment.

Though most of the Aussie dog breeds are a blend of other imported breeds, many of the mid to large breeds have one common thread- the Dingo.

In the Oceanic Country of New Zealand, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular.

What Country has the Most Dog Breeds?

To date, England has produced the most amount of dog breeds. In 2020, England boasts that 39 unique breeds come from within its borders. Here is a list of the top five countries that have produced the most amount of dog breeds.

  1. England at 39 breeds
  2. Germany at 24 breeds
  3. The United States at 21 breeds
  4. France at 17 breeds
  5. Scotland at 13 breeds

The List of Breeds Grow All the Time

Breeders around the world are still working with different kinds of dog, trying to come up with k9s that will either fill a purpose or need, or breed out perceived imperfections that some popular breeds might harbor. Often health-related issues.

In all, our love for dogs has only grown over time. Though technology and progress have removed many reasons people would own certain types of dog, there’s always going to have a place alongside mankind.

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