If you were to ever find an ad for a “Jindo dog for sale”, you’d probably wonder what on Earth it was. That’s because, in North America, the Jindo breed is very uncommon. But in some other places around the world, like Korea, such a breed is one of the most popular of all. Though […] Read more

Pakistan Dog Breeds aren’t that common elsewhere in the world, but they are some of the most amazing dogs on the planet. Some of the breeds have Western equivalents, but obviously there are subtle differences between the breeds. Many of them have their roots in ancient culture, often dating back thousands of years. You will […] Read more

Although Tibetan dog breeds aren’t particularly well known around the world, some people will have heard of the Tibetan Mastiff. However, there are several other breeds – well known or not – that come from Tibet. Here is a list of the other Tibetan dog breeds, including some information about each. 1. Lhasa Apso The […] Read more

The Shih Tzu is probably one of the most recognizable dogs to come out of China. Although the breed was developed in China, it originated in Tibet thousands of years ago. They are popular among owners for their long coat and majestic appearance, and are regularly shown in competitions. Shih Tzus have been kept in […] Read more

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large Chinese dog breed that originates in the nomadic cultures of China, Tibet, and Nepal. Their main purpose was to protect livestock from predators, such as tigers and leopards. However, the breed has taken off in recent years, and has become very popular around the world. Although the breed is […] Read more