German shepherds are America’s one of the most popular dog breeds, and for good reasons. The breed is medium to large-sized, which was originated in Germany, hence the name. While owning a German shepherd may sound like a dream to some of the dog enthusiasts out there, it’s not always rainbows and roses. Instead, it […] Read more

Like other dogs, there are French Bulldog pros and cons. If you were to ask any French Bulldog owner, they’d probably tell you that all of the positives make it easy to overlook the negatives. You guessed it… I’m one of those owners. 😉 Despite the fact that my French Bulldog farts, snores, and keeps […] Read more

Just like any other domesticated animal, there are pros and cons to pugs. They’ve been beloved canine companions for centuries, with their roots in 8th Century China. When they hit the European market several hundreds of years later, they were an instant hit among the rich and noble. Today, however, even as they remain beloved […] Read more

When I was thinking about getting a pit bull, I wondered what the pit bull pros and cons are. So, I did my research before I invested my time into a new pet. Life with a Pit Bull can be a great one, but before you jump in and decide to get one for yourself, […] Read more