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Highly Recommended Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

Pit Bull character is affectionate, comedic and full of energy. That energy can often be hard to collar while on-leash, making them a tough dog to walk if it is not properly trained. Combined with their strong and solid bodies, you can find yourself being walked where your pooch wants to go.

Choosing the best Collar, Leash and Harness for a Pit bull can be challenging and complicated. As a keeper of a pit bull of my own, I have a lot of experience in leash, collar trial and error.

My likes to pull, while the other is more likely to wander. I have tried no-pull collars, rugged hiking harnesses and all types in between until I finally get the best fit for all our needs.

Does your dog walk on a loose leash? Would you like to be able to take your furry friend out for a walk without having your arm yanked from the socket during the process?

If you answer affirmatively to both, or to one of these questions, I’ve got the best solution for you.

Berry Pet Spikes Studded Medium Large Dog Collar Leash Harness 3 pieces

Berry Pet Spikes Studded Medium Large Dog Collar Leash

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It can keep your puppy safe, it’s designed to make walking your Pitbull more comfortable and Convenient.

I absolutely love this collar, leash and harness set! As mentioned earlier, I started looking for something like this when my then 6-month-old old bully breed Pit bull’s puppies started to tear the regular harness from pulling a lot. This product is beautiful, strong and has the reliability I need when it comes to walking my dogs. The following are the reasons why this product is the best for your Pitbull.

  • Berry Pet Spikes Studded dog collars help prevent neck injuries from other animals to your dog. They look tough, and the spikes make it hard for the dog to be grabbed by the collar. It is designed to keep your dog feeling comfortable while in use.
  •     Its full studded bullet rivets, amazing and awesome pet neck accessories for your Charming pups. It will help you gain lots of compliments from your neighbors, friends, or other passersby.
  • The handmade spikes are difficult to screw off and the bullet rivets are safer than sharp spikes, perfect for the family that has babies as well as indoor activities.
  • It is thick and strong, but soft, not hard and skin friendly, the cost performance of this necklace is very outstanding and it’s worth every penny of your money. In addition, there is a 60-day quality guarantee for you.

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My Number 2 Choice Below:

Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest

Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest

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A lot of people see dog harness as the safest way to have their dog secured, especially when taking their dog out for a walk or an outdoor activity. The way the harness works makes it difficult to disagree with the idea because anyone can see that the dog appear very comfortable with it.

In most cities, it is illegal to walk your dog without it being on a leash. Since you can’t tie the leash on your pup’s skin, you’ll have to purchase a harness. The question is, which should you buy?

If you want to have a less stressful walk with your dog, then it’s time to get this harness for your beloved pet. More and more pet owners are using this harness for their dogs because they are safer than old-fashioned collars.

This is a beautifully made dog harness with many special features, like reflective strips, extra handles, extra hand grip band and special locking slider on the clip.

Having experimented with different styles and brands, I can now say with confidence that this particular harness is one of the best in terms of comfort, fit and durability.

Not only that, but the following features made this harness dog owners favorite, and if you have a pit bull or any large breed, this harness is your best choice, you and your dog will enjoy the following benefits:

No Pull & No Choke: Using a dog collar can cause breathing problems or even cause more serious injuries, such as a collapsed trachea. this harness is designed to spread the pressure and prevent the dog from hurting or choking his throat when pull.

Locking Feature: With adjustable neck Girth and easy snap buckle, Big Dog Harness is very easy to wear. The padded interior makes it easy to wear. There is also a great locking feature on both snaps to make the harnesses much more secure.

Handle To Assist: There is a powerful upper handle for easy grabbing, easy control and it helps you get hold of your dogs if need be to help while on adventures.

Sturdy D-ring: The metal ring on the back range for fastening leash is very strong; it is also perfect for the car seat belt to keep your dog safe while traveling. The reflector is bright in the dark to keep your dog safe. It is Ideal for daily walking, outdoor training, hunting etc.

It’s durable: This harness is produced from premium durable nylon and soft padded material, very comfortable to wear. This easy-to-walk harness will stop your pup from pulling and you will enjoy taking a walk with your dog conveniently without the issue of a dog pulling anymore.

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About The Author: Pablo Pascua created because of his interest in all the different breeds, and his desire to learn more. His inspiration comes from the many dogs he has owned throughout his life.